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4 Expert Tips To Choose An Office Set

Whether you are looking to set up a new office space or simply want to upgrade the one that you currently have, you will face a number of decisions. Here we will cover some of the more important ones to help you in selecting the perfect office set.

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What desk shape should I choose for my office?

In organizing an optimal working environment, one of the very first things to consider is the desk. This, as the central component of an office, is arguably the most important item there.  

A desk is a very personal purchase. The one you opt for will need to look and feel right to you, as well as providing the space you need to carry out your tasks and to house the equipment necessary for them.

Do most of your work on a single computer? 

A rectangular desk will likely suit your needs, especially if you don't use a lot of paper or other equipment in your daily tasks. These, as the oldest and most popular kind of desks, have been designed with a variety of functions in mind.

You can buy ones specifically for computer work that feature spaces for wiring and pull out sections for the keyboard, writing desks with large empty surface areas; executive desks that combine a large surface area with plenty of storage; and even standing desks which allow you to work while standing providing potential health benefits.

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Deal daily with a lot of paperwork? 

An L-shaped desk can provide a little more room if you need a place for paperwork, books, and other items on your desk alongside your regular computer.

The great thing about these types of desks is they can be pushed snuggly into a corner of the room to save space or pulled out into the middle of a large room to nicely divide it up.

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Require multiple screens or space for things such as artwork?

A U-shaped desk gives you a large amount of space for placing your computer and other items you may need in your day-to-day tasks. This type of desk even allows you to position different monitors around you if multiple screens are beneficial in your line of work.

Just keep in mind that you also need to consider how much room you have to work with. While a U-shaped desk might be more convenient in terms of work space, it might not be possible to fit one into a small room, or if you can, it will likely dominate it in a bad way.

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What style office set do I opt for in my professional space?

The visual aesthetic is fundamental when it comes to selecting your office furniture. Alongside creating a functional office, it's likely to be important to you that it also looks good. This is especially key if you will be using the space for work and will be meeting with clients there. The office space sets the tone of the company. 

With this in mind, the nature of the work you do will, at least in part, dictate the style of furniture that you should choose. You will want your office to look and feel just right for the kind of services you provide. 

Want to project an air of professionalism, authority, and trustworthiness? 

Traditional style office furniture indicates that your business is well-established and dependable. The more serious tone reflects both experience and expertise. This can be good for teachers, therapists, and those who work with money. 

This type of furniture will be constructed from wood and glass. It will likely be solidly built with plenty of drawers and storage for reference books. Another good rule of thumb here is the darker the wood, the more traditional the overall look.

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Want to emphasize your personal style and creativity? 

A mixture of materials can help you to express yourself if you need to demonstrate artistry and flair in your line of work. For example, if you're a photographer, designer, or work in some other creative occupation.

Light woods and chromes provide an excellent foil for bright and bold decorating. This allows you to add decorative touches and artwork that will really accentuate your character. 

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Want to encourage visions of a dynamic, forward-thinking individual?

Modern and contemporary office furniture communicates a feeling of freshness and progressiveness. This is good for software developers, journalists, and other jobs where you need to demonstrate an awareness of current times and developing technology. 

Metals such as stainless steel and block plastics are great here in either stylish monochrome for a more serious look or bright and bold colors for a sense of trendiness and fun.

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What style office set do I opt for in my personal office?

If you are looking to outfit a home office that is just for you, a place where you do occasional work, study or carry out your hobbies, then you can focus on making it precisely the kind of space that you need it to be. One that will boost your productivity while reflecting your personality. 

Selecting something that you find visually appealing will naturally be your first choice here, and this is important. By choosing to purchase an office set, you can be sure that the items work well together. However, you will also need to work with the space you have to hand as well as any existing furniture.

Working with a small space?

Dark and heavy furniture in a small room can dominate the space, making it feel much smaller and more cramped than it actually is. This effect will be further emphasized if the walls are bold or dark in color. 

Metal and glass will really work well in opening up this kind of room, creating an illusion of light and space. If you prefer a more traditional feel, pair dark wood furniture with light walls or light wood furniture for slightly darker walls for a similar effect.

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Working with a larger space?

Those fortunate enough to have a larger space with which to work, have a lot more flexibility in terms of materials, colors, storage options, and decoration. You can really make most things work here. 

The issue you could run into is that if you prefer smaller furniture, or have no real requirements in terms of storage, it can be more challenging to make the room really feel like an office space. You could add more pieces to your office set, but this could end up being an expensive option, especially if not strictly necessary. 

The best way to go about tackling this problem is to be smart in the way that you are organizing the room. Don't be afraid to pull larger items, such as the desk, out into the center of the room as a way of sectioning off different areas of the room for various tasks - a table area for writing or drawing, a couch area for reading and thinking up new ideas.

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Which pieces should I include in my office set?

In selecting which items you want in your office, you will need to make a list of all your basic requirements in line with what you will be using the space for. Consider the things you can't do without, e.g., computer, printer, file storage.

While storage space may not be your first thought when choosing office furniture, it is undoubtedly a key consideration. It helps you to remove clutter from your actual working area. A great desk is one thing, but if it is constantly covered in paper, it isn't likely to be conducive to getting work done.

Need a secure place for paperwork? => Get a filing cabinet.

A filing cabinet is an excellent way of sorting and storing away your paperwork so that it is easy to find when needed. Depending on the type of filing cabinet you opt for, it could also provide a solution to securely storing more sensitive documents.

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Have a lot of office or art equipment? => You could use a hutch, cabinet, or credenza.

It might be the case that you do not have a lot of paperwork, or what you have is stored online rather than as paper copies. In this instance, you may not be able to make much use of a filing cabinet. However, you may still require other kinds of storage to keep your workspace tidy and nicely organized. 

Depending on what equipment you are working with, a hutch, cabinet or credenza could meet your specific requirements while not taking up too much space.

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Use or have a lot of specialist books? => Add in a bookcase.

Bookshelves provide not only an excellent storage option, but they are also great for displaying and organizing books, supplies, and items like pictures, memorabilia, or even professional awards. 

A well-organized bookshelf can also add some sophistication or some personality to your office design. They are an extremely versatile option that you should definitely consider including as part of your office set.

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