4 Expert Tips To Choose A Towel Rack

A towel rack is an indispensable tool that can help your bathroom be a luxurious and organized place. After all, what's better than a clean, dry, fluffy towel? Keep all of your towels in a comfortable, ready-to-go state with a convenient towel rack!

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What are the different types of towel racks?

There are five main types of towel racks! Which works best for you will depend upon your needs. Here are the most popular types:


Hooks are good for hanging individual towels over a point. If you would like to have personal space for hanging your unique towel, a strong hook is the way to go.

Metal Wall Mounted Towel Hook
Metal Chrome Door Hook Set
Solid Metal Wall Mouted Towel Hook
Chrome Wall Mounted Hook Rack
Satin Nickel Wall Mounted Hook
Wood Stainless Steel Over The Door Hook


Rings attached to the wall allow for easy hanging of towels: Simply thread them through and you're good to go. This is a good option for thinner or smaller towels, such as infant or hand versions.

Brushed Bronze Wall Mounted Towel Ring
Polished Chrome Metal Square Towel Ring
Metal Chrome Circular Towel Ring
Wood Circular Wall Mounted Towel Ring
Metal Water Spigot Faucet Towel Ring
Metal Wall Mounted Towel Ring


As a free-standing floor rack, this type of towel rack is a good choice if you don't have an overabundance of wall space. If your walls are made of tile, or if you have lots of pictures on the wall, opt for one of these standalone towel racks.

Polished Chrome Free Standing Towel Stand
Bronze Metal Free Standing Towel Stand
Wood Steel Free Standing Towel Stand
Brushed Stainless Steel Free Standing Towel Stand
Caramel Wood Free Standing Towel Stand
Black Metal Free Standing Towel Stand


Towel bars are convenient for hanging on longer walls, and they offer a good amount of drying space---making these the best option for drying your towels if they are very wet.

Chrome Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Matte Black Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Metal Fixture Mounted Towel Bar
Chrome White Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Polished Nickel Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Metal Wall Mounted Double Towel Bar


Less racks than otherwise, towel shelves still deserve honorable mention. While they are, perhaps, not the best option for using or drying towels, they are excellent for towel storage.

Satin Nickel Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf
Metal Glass Rectangle Wall Shelf
Espresso Wood Glass Tiered Wall Shelf
Dark Grey Metal Wood Wall Shelf Set
Basic Chrome Metal Wall Shelf
Caramel Bamboo Rectangle Wall Shelf

What are the best materials for towel racks?

Towel racks can be made from almost any material imaginable. Metals are common, as they can look extremely attractive and will not be affected by consistent dampness in your bathroom. For a more natural look, you can consider wood as well; however, know that if you choose a wooden towel rack, you'll need to make sure it's water-treated so it can withstand inherent moisture.

For outdoor showers, consider a plastic or vinyl version. These will stand up to the weather quite well. The best luxe option is likely high-density copper: It will not wear or rust, and it will look beautiful for years to come.

Flat Nickel Over The Door Towel Rack
Matte White Metal Towel Rack
Metal Copper Accents Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Chrome Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Medium Brown Teak Free Standing Towel Rack
Natural Wood Free Standing Towel Rack

How do I choose the best size and place for my towel rack?

One consideration you'll want to take into your decision is the number of people you have living in your space. It's possible to buy towel racks that will work for a number of people! It also matters which type of towel rack you choose: some, such as hooks, can be customized for the number of people you expect to have in your home.

As far as towel bars go, there are two most common sizes:

  • 18-inch
  • 24-inch

It is possible to find towel racks in longer or shorter lengths, but these are the easiest to find. For bath towels, specifically, you'll want to find a longer one in the 30-to-36-inch range.

Where should you hang your towel rack? If at all possible, it should go very close to your shower or bath---preferably on an adjacent wall. However, you'll want to make sure that it's screwed into very solid studs, as it will have to hold all the weight of a wet towel, so the makeup of your walls will partially dictate where it's able to go.

Brushed Bronze Double Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Nickel Free Standing Towel Stand
Chrome Steel Tubes Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Black Metal Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Gray Metal Over The Door Towel Rack

How can I best match my towel rack to my bathroom?

Matching your towel rack to your bathroom's distinct style can help you add to the overall aesthetic you're working so hard to create! Here are a few design tips:

  • If your bathroom has warmer colors, such as pink, cream, coral, or other warm neutrals, opting for a copper or wood accent rack will fit in best.
  • If your bathroom has cooler colors, such as blue, green, bright white, or other cool neutrals, you may wish to err on the side of a cooler metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum.

However, this is up to your choice. Ultimately, do you want your towel rack to blend in with your bathroom, or become a lovely focal point that makes a statement? If the latter, choosing a treated wood fixture and then painting the rack in the color of your choice can be a wonderfully creative move.

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