4 Expert Tips To Choose A Multi Game Table

Multi game tables are the latest trend in indoor games. Come sunshine or rain, they facilitate fun games in the cozy comfort of your home. What's better than having a round of billiards or air hockey with your loved ones?

Bring it on! Let the game begin.

Begin by choosing a multi game table suitable for your game interests. Follow these tips to bring home the best!

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1. Which Are the Best Multi Game Tables and What Games I Can Play On Them?

Multi-top tables

These tables have a fixed top for a particular game, mostly billiards. However, they come with a set of alternate tops that enable you to play different games on them. These tops can be just placed over the fixed top, they do not require any special locking or height adjustment.

The main games you can play on multi-top tables are billiards, foosball, cards. These tables are ideal for young adolescents and adult family members since these are standing tables.


These tables have two-sided tops. You can play one game on each side. They have a flipping mechanism, so when you want to switch from one game to the other, you flip the top and lock it with a latch or pins, securing the top firmly. You can then begin a new game.

These multi game tables usually facilitate billiards and air hockey games on each side of the table-top. You can invite friends and enjoy a game over a chilled drink or two. Suitable for adults of all ages.

Hybrid tables

This design combines the features of attachable and flip table-tops. The table's top frame has grooves to support the different tops. It also has pivots facing each other that you can use to fix different types of game tops. Once the top is fitted in this pivot, you can rest it on the grooves. Additionally, some designs offer latches or stoppers to secure the tabletop with the table's frame.

The games you can play on this hybrid multi game table are billiards, foosball, cards, air hockey, table tennis, and more. It is ideally suitable for young gamers with a lot of energy to spend on these games.

Multi Top Multi Game Table
Multi Top 4 in 1 Multi Game Table
Flip Top Multi Game Table
Flip Top Multi Game Table with Accessories
Hybrid Table Multi Game Table
Flip top Hybrid Multi Game Table

Swivel top

This table has a swivel system that rotates different types of game table-tops. Usually, it has air table, billiards, and table tennis tops. It has a secure locking system to ensure that the top does not rotate unintentionally while a game is on. While air hockey and billiards tops are in-built, the table tennis top comes as a separate top.

Low-height tables

They are specially designed for sitting games such ascards, chess, carom, and the like. Usually made from wood, ABS plastic, or molded plastic, they have fixed tops. Some designs have four legs, others have a cabinet or drawer at the base to store games and accessories.

These tables offer ideal vacation engagement. Hence, children, students and even adults will have loads of fun using them.

14-in-1 combination

These are high-end multi game tables that offer a choice of up to fourteen games. They are meant for serious players and even professionals who want to practice at home.

The games you can play on these tables are:

  • Pool
  • Bowling
  • Shuffleboard
  • Table chess
  • Table tennis
  • Checkers
  • Backgammon
  • Yahtzee
  • Dominoes
  • Poker
  • Pinochle cards
  • Air hockey
  • Foosball
  • And more

These tables are made from manufactured wood and industry-grade plastic such as ABS. Their features include heavy-duty legs with levers for height adjustment, and drawers and cabinets for adequate storage space. They often come with accessories for all the games as part of the package.

Weighing over 220 pounds, they can be compared to the "sumo" of multi game tables!

Are you a serious indoor gamer with a budget of over $1,000 and an equally solemn intent to use this table regularly? Then go ahead and make this capital investment. It will require a dedicated game room.

Low-High Multi Game Table
Wooden 14-in-1 Multi Game Table
13 in 1 Combo Game Table
Switch Top 14 in 1 Multi Game Table

3. Which Tables are Best for Switching in between Games?

We recommend the swivel-top for a finely engineered rotating mechanism. It works flawlessly in two ways:

  • Switches games in just a few seconds
  • Does not require any manual adjustments; it changes the side and fits into the table-top dimensions perfectly

The swivel technology works equally well for 3-in-1, 4-in-1, 5-in-1, or even 14-in-1 game configurations. Hence, its recommendation here.

Swivel Top Multi Game Table
Swivel Top Billiard Multi Game Table
Swivel Top 4 in 1 Multi Game Table
Swivel Top 3 in 1 Pockey Game Table

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