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4 Expert Tips To Choose A Loveseat

Loveseats, being great accent pieces with outstanding adaptability, have become American staple furniture. They blend with many sitting styles and interiors without disrupting their overall appeal. A loveseat is your natural choice if you want to add two more seats to your 3-seater or 5-seater sofa. Plus, a bonus benefit -- if you live in a compact urban home, it can comfortably host a weekend guest.

However, being aware of living-room furniture trends, you may ask why a loveseat and not an ottoman or a fancy chair? Well, all of them have unique styles, distinct advantages and visual appeal. However, you may want to consider a loveseat after you read our first expert tip.

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Why Should I Opt For A Loveseat?

As compared with other seating furniture, loveseats offer the following benefits:

  • Loveseats are versatile pieces of furniture, similar in style to an accent chair but offer the seating option for multiple people
  • Ottomans are meant for an upright sitting posture without backrest support. A loveseat offers a backrest that is more comfortable, and also suitable for a longer sitting time.
  • You can coordinate loveseats with pillows, toss pillows, and throw pillows, which will greatly augment its looks.
  • You can sit, lie down, cuddle, or sleep on a loveseat. An ottoman or a chair do not offer so many options.
  • Loveseats offer reclining and other super-comfortable positions.
  • A loveseat is de facto a sofa, so it will integrate well with any sofa, settee, and other living-room sitting arrangement.

Now that you may be convinced that you want a loveseat let us check the different designs.

What Are the Different Designs and Styles of Loveseats?

Standard Loveseats

They are meant to sit two guests comfortably. They have wooden frames with upholstered or tufted cushions and solid wooden legs. Styles vary from Nordic and minimalistic to plush, deep-cushioned traditional high-back. Designs are available in a vast range. Choose the one that suits your living-room ambiance.

Standard loveseats can be best defined as apartment-size seats. They will be a good fit for small and medium-sized urban apartments where homeowners use them as a primary sitting arrangement or as an accent piece.

Black Cotton Twill Wood Standard Loveseat
Medium Gray Velvet Wood Standard Loveseat
Navy Velvet Wood Standard Loveseat
Gray Polyester Blend Wood Standard Loveseat
Beige Polyester Solid Wood Standard Loveseat
Gray Linen Solid Wood Standard Loveseat


With the convertibility feature, these loveseats turn into comfortable beds at night. Spacious concealed storage beneath the seat is their other benefit.

Usually, having an inner length of approximately 60" and width of about 45", and with a thick and deep cushion, it will feel as comfortable as a regular bed.

Convertible loveseats have sturdy but smooth soft-touch conversion mechanism. Built to last, they usually have wooden frames overlaid with heavy thick cushions of memory foam, either upholstered or tufted. They can be leather, microfiber, or made of fabrics such as linen, chenille, or polyester. Available in an array of designs -- pick one thoughtfully to match your room's décor and looks. 

Quartz Fabric Velvet Solid Wood Convertible Loveseat
Gray Velvet Solid Wood Convertible Loveseat
White Faux Leather Wood Convertible Loveseat
Brown Faux Leather Metal Convertible Sofa
Teal Polyester Wood Convertible Loveseat
Blue Velvet Wood Convertible Sofa

Sofa Bed

These are convertible 2-seater loveseats but much longer and wider than the regular ones. Hence, during the daytime, they will serve as a spacious sitting arrangement, and at night, they will convert into a full-size or a queen-size bed with the luxury of space and comfort: 

Full-size: 35.5"H X 70"W X 32.5"D

Queen-size: 35.5"H X 74.5"W X 32.5"D

Hence, sofa beds can:

  • Transform your living area into a guest room at night
  • Provide an adult family member a permanent bed -- for example, a student or a senior parent.

Ideal for small homes that need an extra bed. Available in many designs and styles; one of them will surely cater to your décor.

Grey Velvet Square Arm Sofa Bed
Black Faux Leather Metal Sofa Bed
Taylor Golden Polyester Blend Sofa Bed
Gray Polyester Blend Metal Sofa Bed
Foam Synthetic Fiber Pine Sofa Bed
Light Gray Polyester Wood Sofa Bed

Reclining Loveseats

Reclining loveseats are meant to "sink" you in luxury and comfort. Dark real or faux leather is the most popular material for a reclining loveseat. Suede and polyester or other lighter shades of microfiber are common too. Designs may have a center console to hold beverages and glasses. Reclining mechanism is usually hydraulic, operated manually with a knob or auto-powered. 

Despite their high-end pricing and appeal, you don't need a luxury home to accommodate a reclining loveseat. They blend equally well in smaller homes. In fact, for singles and couples, they can be the primary sitting arrangement. Hence, don't feel inhibited from purchasing a piece even if you live in a cozy apartment.

Walnut Polyester Wood Reclining Loveseat
Black Faux Leather Wood Reclining Loveseat
Gray Microfiber Wood Reclining Loveseat
Black Faux Leather Wood Metal Reclining Loveseat
Tan Velvet Polyester Wood Reclining Loveseat
Red Leather Match Wood Metal Reclining Loveseat

Modular Loveseats

These are loveseats made of multiple units -- a sofa and two separate units is the most common combination. They can be re-purposed in different ways to serve different needs in small and medium-sized homes:

  • Create more sitting space when you have guests
  • Convert into a full-size or queen-size sofa by adding the separate units to the sofa
  • Moving the separate units elsewhere when needed

Modular loveseats are great space-savers and money-savers since they meet your multiple needs with a single investment.

"Modular" is a contemporary furniture concept. Hence, these loveseats adhere to the contemporary design style in which simplistic forms with sharp angles, neutral and adoptive shapes such as a basic rectangle, mellowed appeal, and comfort without loud extravaganza are the essential elements. Such a loveseat will serve you well if you are on a budget and yet need a chic, multi-tasking loveseat that fits your living room, dining, and bedroom settings naturally.

Denim Modular Square Arm Loveseat
Teal Polyester Blend Modular Sofa
Mist White Polyester Blend Modular Armless Sofa
Gray Linen Modular Square Arms Loveseat
Dark Gray Polyester Solid Wood Modular Sofa
Gray Linen Manufactured Wood Modular Sofa

What Size Loveseat For My Room Size?

Living-room size/Loveseat size, placement, and sitting capacity

  • 10'W X 13'L (small apartment)

    45" loveseat on the length of the room, preferably facing the entry door. The loveseat will be the primary sitting arrangement with 2-3 separate chairs. Loveseat capacity: 2 persons. Total sitting capacity: 4-5 persons.

  • 12'W X 18'L (medium-sized apartment)     

    51" loveseat placed in one half of the 18' room length, facing a 3-seater sofa with 2 matching chairs. The loveseat will be a 2-seater. Total sitting capacity: 7.

  • 15'W X 28'L (Large villa or home) 

    72" loveseat -- best placed in the middle of the room dividing the 28' length into two parts. It faces the sofa set and chairs (primary sitting) and on its rear side is the other furniture such as a dining table, entertainment center, or a pool table. Loveseat sits 3 persons, with a total sitting capacity of ten persons.

For bedrooms, 45" or 51" loveseat is ideal, facing the bed. It should be flush with the wall so that it does not obstruct the movement space of the room.

Gray Linen Metal Flared Arm Loveseat
Lemon Green Linen Wood Metal Loveseat
Gray Leather Solid Wood Rolled Arms Loveseat
Navy Velvet Solid Wood Loveseat
Gold Velvet Solid Wood Loveseat
Beige Linen Blend Flared Arm Loveseat

How To Match The Styles of Loveseats With Different Room Décors?

These are the style synchronizations for four different types of American room decors:

  • Modern décor reflects sleek simplicity and calm confidence. There is no clutter and not too many ensembles. To go with such an inspiring ambiance, choose a suede loveseat or one with a similar mellow character, nothing dark. Solid wood. Sit on it to check if it has that plush deep-sinking comfort. Padded armrests will accentuate the appeal.

  • Mid-century modern furniture is a throwback in its nature. It has a blend of nostalgic wood finishes and not too much fuss around it. So, a loveseat with prominent wooden frame and angled wooden feet, both with dark mahogany finish, and leather or chenille upholstery from the yellowish-brown family will be a good match. Place two or 3 throw pillows to lift the comforting feeling.

  • Traditional style is rooted in sumptuous authenticity. A love for details and decoration, bountiful color palettes, and cheerful disposition are its hallmarks. Explore the loveseat range with clawed, carved feet, decorative wooden frames, velvet upholstery, and tufted high-back. Choose a rich color that either matches or contrasts the dominant hue of your décor.

  • Minimalistic. Minimum frills, maximum comfort and elegance -- that's how this prominent style manifests in loveseats. Neutral and airy to look at, with quietly elegant upholstery. No tufting, but cushions will be deep-sinking. You can do away with armrests and center console.

Blue Polyester Mid Century Modern Loveseat
Beige Polyester Blend Wood Modern Loveseat
Brown Faux Leather Mid Century Modern Loveseat
Emerald Velvet Wood Traditional Loveseat
Azure Blue Polyester Armless Loveseat
Gray Polyester Blend Metal Minimalistic Armless Loveseat

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