4 Expert Tips To Choose A Living Room Set

Purchasing furniture for your living room can be both exciting and draining - customizing your living space to make it uniquely yours is great, but it can sometimes be difficult and stressful to properly coordinate each piece. This is where living room sets come in!

These sets let you buy multiple pieces of matching furniture to decorate your home without breaking the bank, while still being highly customizable. Below are some tips from experts that will hopefully make choosing a living room set much easier!

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How big should my living room furniture set be?

This will mostly depend on the size of your living room and the number of people that will usually be using the furniture. Furniture sets start at just 2 pieces and can contain more than 6, so there really is a huge range to pick from!

Have a small living room? => 2 to 3 pieces

Having limited space means that you should only focus on the basics, but you can still be stylish about it!

Popular options for small rooms include a sofa and a matching love seat or accent chair.

If you need extra storage, consider picking a set with a small storage ottoman included.

Navy Blue Two Piece Standard Living Room Set
Wheatgrass Two Piece Living Room Set
White Two Piece Living Room Set
Gray Two Piece Living Room Set
Microfiber Three Piece Standard Living Room Set
Two Piece Leather Living Room Set

Have a bigger living room? => 4 to 5 pieces

Larger rooms can sometimes feel a bit empty, so consider purchasing a set with more than 4 pieces of furniture in order to fill up that space.

You can split up a set within the room to create multiple conversation areas.

Larger sets usually include a sofa, multiple love seats or armchairs, a chaise lounge, and storage ottomans.

Linen Configurable Living Room Set
Dark Brown Configurable Living Room Set
Brown Polyester Configurable Living Room Set
Gray Fabric Configurable Living Room Set
Black Faux Leather Living Room Set
Beige Leather Living Room Set

What material should I choose for my living room set?

The material of your furniture is an incredibly important aspect that you need to consider. While most furniture is made to be quite durable, some materials are definitely better suited for the long term than others. This choice will probably also affect what general aesthetic your room will have, so make sure to choose something that is visually appealing to you!

Want something cheap yet durable? => Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular sofa and armchair upholstery materials as it is incredibly soft and durable.

It can be quite versatile, with a wide range of pattern and color options available.

However, cotton stains very easily as it is an absorbent material, so opt for darker colors if you live with small children, pets, or just someone clumsy!

Prefer expensive style and luxury? => Leather

We can all agree that leather is one of the more luxurious upholstery materials - it creates an air of sophistication and allure within the home.

Leather furniture is much easier to clean than fabric furniture, so it's the best option for people living with small children or animals.

Also, leather furniture can last much longer than most other types, making it an investment that is worth your money!

However, there are some ethical concerns regarding leather, with increasing numbers of people choosing to purchase faux leather or fabric furniture instead.

Like to stand out from the crowd? => Velvet

Velvet is a relatively strong and durable material, but it not a super popular option.

Choosing an all-velvet set will definitely make a statement as, most times, people only choose this material for one accent piece, rather than the whole set.

Velvet has a much lower price point than leather, so you can enjoy a luxurious look and feel for less.

A huge downside of this material is that it is prone to collecting dust, so avoid choosing velvet if you are sensitive to dust.

Want luxury without too much extravagance? => Taffeta

Taffeta has a very unique crisp finish with a bit of sheen, which creates a curious combination of subtlety and luxury.

It's great if you want a more high-quality feel to your furniture without bringing too much attention to it or spending a fortune.

However, this material is the easiest to stain and rip, so stay away from it if you have children or animals, as they may unintentionally ruin the furniture.

Beige Microfiber Microsuede Living Room Set
Charcoal Polyester Blend Living Room Set
Gray Linen Living Room Set
Black Faux Leather Living Room Set
Dark Gray Velvet Living Room Set
Green Cotton Living Room Set

What color should my living room set be?

Color is another hugely important factor you'll need to think about when buying a set of furniture for your living room. You will need to decide if you want to match the color of the furniture pieces to the rest of the décor within the room, or if you want them to stand out from their surroundings.

Want to bring more life into the room? => Bright colors and patterns

Bright colors and patterns are great options if the rest of your living room décor is quite neutral, with colors such as white, beige, or gray dominating the color palette.

They can make the home look very modern and are a popular choice among young adults.

It's important that the colors you choose don't clash, so try using a color wheel to find complementary colors - beige goes really well with blues and purples, while gray suits reds and pinks.

If you're going to have multiple pieces of patterned furniture, opt for something more subtle like geometric patterns or those inspired by nature, so that it doesn't become too overwhelming.

Capri Microfiber Microsuede Living Room Set
Azure Polyester Blend Living Room Set
Blue Velvet Living Room Set
Red Faux Leather Living Room Set
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Red Polyester Blend Living Room Set

Want the set to blend in seamlessly? => Neutral tones

Choosing a set that has a neutral color palette, containing white, brown, and black is a great choice if you're looking for a more sophisticated and laidback feel.

The muted colors can really help bring out another focal point of the room, such as a fireplace or a piece of artwork.

Having a set with a neutral color palette will make it much easier to buy additional furniture later on - you're much more likely to find other furniture or accessories that match a muted color than a bright color.

Espresso Faux Leather Living Rotom Set
Black Genuine Leather Living Room Set
Brown Faux Leather Living Room Set
Beige Linen Living Room Set
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What styles of living room furniture can I choose from?

When choosing a style for your living room furniture set, you'll need to consider the sort of décor you already have in your home, and whether it gives off a certain aesthetic. It can be quite jarring to have a furniture set that looks like it belongs in a countryside cottage inside a room that's decorated in a contemporary style, so use the tips below to guide you.

Prefer minimalistic and neutral? => Modern

Modern-styled décor takes inspiration from the late 1800s modernist movement, hence the name.

Furniture and accessories in this style favor practicality over appearance, and so have a subdued color palette and simple structural designs.

A popular example of modern furniture is the Egg chair, which is comfortable without being overly extravagant.

Cotton and leather are the most popular upholstery materials for modern-styled furniture.

Expectation Gray Modern Living Room Set
Gray Polyester Modern Living Room Set
Genuine Leather Modern Living Room Set
Charcoal Polyester Modern Living Room Set
Brown Faux Leather Modern Living Room Set
Gray Genuine Leather Modern Living Room Set

Want to make a bold statement? => Contemporary

This style borrows some of the minimalistic structural elements found in modern-style décor.

However, it puts a contemporary twist on simplicity by incorporating bright colors and bold patterns.

Contemporary décor is becoming increasingly popular amongst young adults, presumably because of their ability to really express their personal style through this type of furniture.

Upholstery materials can be practically anything - this style loves to break the rules!

Avoid buying a set in this style if the rest of your living room is already pretty colorful - it may make the room look too cluttered and confusing.

Black Faux Leather Contemporary Living Room Set
Faux Leather Contemporary Living Room Set
Gray Solid Wood Contemporary Living Room Set
Maroon Contemporary Living Room Set
Tan Leather Match Contemporary Living Room Set
Beige Polyester Contemporary Living Room Set

Obsessed with nature? => Rustic

The rustic style relies heavily on raw wooden features and dark leather.

It can create a simultaneously cozy and mysterious atmosphere within the home, especially if the rest of the living room is decorated in dark, warm colors.

My favor this style for the incredible durability of the furniture, as well as its relatively simple and unpretentious look.

To some, however, this style may quickly become boring as there is very little room for expressing your personal style through customization. 

Also, as mentioned before, there are some ethical concerns surrounding real leather that may discourage some people from buying it, and faux leather doesn't always achieve the same effect as real leather.

Faux Leather Solid Wood Rustic Living Room Set
Brown Polyester Rustic Living Room Set
Genuine Leather Rustic Living Room Set
Faux Leather Rustic Living Room Set
Brown Rustic Living Room Set
Linen Oak Rustic Living Room Set

Looking to create a cozy atmosphere? => Traditional

This style, which is also known as the classic style, is perfect for those wanting to create a comforting and welcoming home.

It combines warm, neutral colors with wooden accents to create furniture that will never look outdated.

It can be quite easy to blur the line between traditional and rustic styles, as rustic also has a warm color palette and natural accents.

The most common upholstery for traditional furniture is cotton, although leather has recently begun gaining popularity.

Gray Polyester Blend Traditional Living Room Set
Linen Blend Traditional Living Room Set
Navy Blue Traditional Living Room Set
Gray Velvet Traditional Living Room Set
Beige Polyester Traditional Living Room Set
Cream Genuine Leather Traditional Living Room Set

Love to live like a royal? => Luxury

There are two distinct types of luxury furniture: glam luxury and traditional luxury.

Glam luxury is usually more modern, with slightly simpler designs, cotton or taffeta upholstery, and brighter colors.

Traditional luxury is quite an extravagant style, combining velvet upholstery with unique structural designs and dark wood or painted gold accents.

Whichever luxury style you choose, you'll most likely find yourself spending quite a bit more money than you would on any other style.

Brown Luxury Living Room Set
Smoke Grey Luxury Living Room Set
Velvet Luxury Living Room Set
Midnight Gray Luxury Living Room Set
Faux Leather Wood Luxury Living Room Set
Leather Match Luxury Living Room Set

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