4 Expert Tips To Choose A Kids Desk

When you're looking to furnish a child's room, there are some basic pieces of furniture you know you'll have to buy: a bed, a dresser, a chair. If you have extra room, why not create a dedicated place for education, inspiration, and creativity? Do look into the wide selection of kids desks.

Regardless of how old the child is, they'll need a place to keep projects and work quietly from time to time. At a desk, you can help a kid build lifelong habits that will help them as an adult! But first, you need a desk - a desk they'll want to use.

In this handy guide, we'll help you navigate the main decisions you'll have to make as you choose the best desk for your home!

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What are the different types of kid's desks and their features?

For the most part, kid's desks have many similar features and options as those of adult desks. However, it'll just be in miniature or potentially bright and fun colors! Here are the different types of kid's desks, as well as the type of features you should carefully consider while you're completing your search.

  • Desk and Chair Set: If you want the desk and chair of your kid's desk to match, there's no easier option for ensuring that than simply purchasing a desk and chair set that already matches! This is a good choice for you if you're looking for budget-friendly furniture, as well, because these kinds of sets are usually priced quite economically when compared to buying the two pieces of furniture separately.
Kids Desk and Chair Set in Driftwood
Kids Study Writing Desk with Chair Set
Pink Metal Kids Desk with Chair Set
Dark Brown Kids Desk with Hutch and Chair Set
Kids Desk and Chair Set in Grey
Kids Desk for Writing with Chair Set
  • Desk with Hutch: A hutch helps add storage on top of the desk, instead of merely offering a flat workspace. This is a great idea if you're looking for extra vertical storage in your home - particularly if you're using the desk in a smaller space.
White Kids Writing Desk with Hutch
Brown Kids Desk with Hutch
Red Auto Pit Kids Desk with Hutch
Kids Desk with Hutch in Pink and White
Kids Study Desk with Drawer
Solid Wood Kid Study Desk with Hutch
  • Assembled: Not interested in assembling the desk yourself? You're in luck: many desks arrive assembled or with the option to request expert assembly assistance at home. This is a good idea if you don't believe that assembling a desk is for you.

  • Ergonomic: It's never too early to think about good posture or protecting your back! Give your child a head starts with an ergonomic desk to support their back and set them up with good habits for years to come. This is a good choice if you're looking for a desk that can follow your child through adolescence, not necessarily just for childhood.

Ergonomic Assembled Kids Study Desk in White
Ergonomic Kids Study Desk in Grey
Ergonomic Kids Study Desk in Black and Red
Ergonomic Kids Study Desk in Red
Ergonomic Kids Writing Desk in White
  • Solid Wood: A gorgeous solid wood desk can be an investment, but it'll last for years to come and work with multiple different aesthetics! This is a good choice if you're looking for a very functional, neutral aesthetic as well as pieces that are high-quality for your child to use.
Kids Desk with Chair Set in Brown Solid Wood
Solid Rustic Wood Kids Desk with Chair Set
Short Kids Desk in Solid Wood
White Solid Wood Kids Desk
Solid Wood Writing Desk for Kids
Solid Wood Kids Desk and Chair Set with Hutch
  • Keyboard Tray: If you think that your child could use a drawer specifically made to hold a keyboard, then get a desk that has that functionality. It's a good idea to ensure that the tray is also functional as a drawer, as this will have more longevity in a world that more commonly uses laptops and tablets.
Kids Study Desk with Keyboard Tray in White
Student Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray
Older Kids Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray
Kids Desk with Keyboard Tray
Wooden Kids Desk with Keyboard Tray
Wooden Kids Writing Desk with Keyboard Tray
  • Corner Desk: There are desks available that are specifically engineered to make the most use out of a corner. Instead of being rectangle-shaped, they'll often form more of a triangle. These are fantastic if you're trying to utilize every inch of a smaller space; if that sounds like you, then go for it! But just know that you'll always need to fit this type of desk into a corner in the future; it won't be able to be re-purposed into a normal wall-facing desk.

What size desk should I get for my kid?

Your kid's desk needs to accomplish two things: It needs to be the right size for your child, and it also needs to fit the room that it's going to be in! Your child will be growing, however, and the room will not; so, for starters, it's a good idea to get a one-size-fits-all kids desk - or at least one that's a little bigger than you think will likely be necessary, just so that your child's able to use it for a longer period of time.

As a general rule of thumb, you can follow the following age guide to gauge the width of the desk you should get:

  • 2-4 Years: For tender tots who are using desks at this early age, you only need a small desk that's about 3-4 feet wide.

  • 5-7 Years: When your child's a little older, they'll be best suited to a desk that's up to about 5 feet wide.

  • 8-12 Years: When 8-12 years old, five feet is still a good length, but you might want to consider going for a deeper desk - or one with accessories such as drawers and a hutch.

  • 12+ Years: At this point, it's likely cost-effective to simply purchase an adult-sized desk.

To make sure that the desk fits the room, you'll want to start by measuring the place that the desk will go. Keep this measurement in an easy-to-access place, and then reference it whenever you're looking at desks. Be careful to use search criteria to ensure that you're not looking at desks that simply won't fit!

Older Kids Desk with Hutch
Older Kids Simple Desk in Wood
Small Kids Writing Desk and Chair Set
Older Kids Study Desk in White
Older Kids Desk with 2 Drawers
Small Kids Study Desk and Chair Set in Blue

What's the best material for a kid's desk?

Wood is far and away the most popular material when it comes to desks for people of any age. It's beautiful, it can be painted as you please, it can come in different shades to match different styles, and it's timeless. However, if you're going for more of an industrial vibe, a metal desk can also work; for particularly young kids, plastic desks offer a sense of security and durability.

Plastic is a good idea if you're looking into a desk that could be outdoors, or if you think that your child will be relatively messy with their desk work - as plastic is often easier to clean. For this reason, plastic might be a good idea for desks for very young children.

Otherwise, wood is likely the best choice, for its longevity and ultimate versatility.

Wooden Kids Desk in White
Wood Kids Study Computer Desk
Grey Wood Kids Writing Desk and Chair
White Wood Kids Desk with Storage Cube
Kids Study Desk in Blue Wood
Wooden Double Kids Writing Desk

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