4 Expert Tips To Choose A Curtain Rod

An often overlooked yet crucial element of your home decor is the curtain rods framing your windows. While it is the curtains that end up hogging all the limelight, it is the rods that set the stage for them to shine.

With that in mind, here are four tips to help you choose the best curtain rods.

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How to select the size of a curtain rod?

The first, and the most important thing to get right, is the length of your curtain rods. Getting it too long or too short can both be problematic. While curtains usually come in standard sizes, the same isn't true for rods.

A common mistake in measuring your windows for curtain rods is to take the exact dimensions of the window as the intended length. Generally speaking, you want your rods to extend at least 3 to 4 inches extra.

Also, make sure to measure each window individually regardless of how similar it looks to another one. Even one inch of a difference can kill the sweeping look you are shooting for.

What are the types of curtain rods available?

Wish to keep it simple? => Standard rods

For most decoration schemes, the good old standard rod works the best. Easy to install and hang your draperies on, these rods come in a variety of styles and designs to boost their aesthetic appeal. Standard rods come in the greatest variety of materials and colors, giving you plenty of options for complementing any kind of look.

Silver Metal Standard Curtain Rod & Hardware Set
Adjustable Standard Drapery Curtain Rod & Hardware Set
Marble Ball Telescoping Drapery Curtain Standard Rod
Ball Telescoping Drapery Standard Curtain Rod
Oiled Bronze Standard Curtain Rod And Hardware Set
Square Standard Telescoping Drapery Rod Set

Want a layered curtain effect? => Double rods

Layered curtains are a great way to give a sophisticated look to the more visible windows of your house. Double rods let you combine sheer curtains for a softer darkening effect instead of a complete blackout. This makes them perfectly suited for hanging your bedroom drapes.

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Looking for complete privacy? => Wraparound rods

Usually, curtains do not strictly cover the entire window. Since there is some gap between the wall and the curtain itself, light is able to percolate from the sides. While not a big issue in most rooms, sometimes you might need a window to be curtained of more perfectly.

Wraparound rods are U shaped at the ends, which means that the curtain turns at the edges to completely block out light when fully drawn.

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Which materials work best for curtain rods?

Want to hang heavy draperies? => Wrought iron

When hanging curtains made of heavy fabrics, it is necessary to choose a strong material like wrought iron for your rods to ensure that it does not bend or break with extended use. In any case, you should never use plastic rods for such situations.

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Prefer lightweight curtains? => Wood or bronze

If your drapes are lightweight (for example sheer curtains), a wooden or bronze rod would do well. Wooden rods also complement curtains with warmer colors very well, apart from giving a very natural look to your home.

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How to select the style of a curtain rod?

The two things about the curtain rods that will affect the style of your room are the color of the curtain rod and finials.

  • You can choose to match the color of the curtain rod with the drapes creating a cohesive look suitable for modern or minimalistic spaces.
  • If your curtains have a bold pattern, create a design statement and make your window a focal point of your room by choosing a rod that matches the featured color in the pattern.
  • Matching the color of your curtain rod with the wall color will make it barely visible so choose this option if you would like your curtain rod to blend in smoothly with your current style.
  • Selecting a rod that matches the color of hardware, for example knobs or light fixture will create an elegant and unified feel of the room.
  • To create a designer look, match the color of your rod with the darkest tones of your furniture. This is one of the boldest option to choose.

Finials are the last touch to complete the appearance of your curtain rods. There are a few options to choose from that you can use to accentuate different room styles.

  • Finials come in different materials with resin, glass, metal and wood being the most popular ones. Match your finials with a material that is already present in your room for a rounded look. You may choose wooden finials if you have a wooden table and a set of bookcases.
  • Crystal ball finials make a perfect fit for glam interiors, whereas ribbed natural wood will be a good choice for country or cottage spaces. Plain metal finials, for example flat iron caps, will match modern or even industrial styles. For something more decorative, there's a wide choice of contemporary geometric designs. 
  • With finial you also get a choice of motifs such as floral or acorn designs. You may use such finials to enhance a motif already present in your upholstery or wallpaper. Perfect for vintage and traditional interiors.

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