3 Tips To Choose A Christmas Tree Topper

A Christmas tree heralds a festive season marked by the joy of togetherness, sharing, caring, and giving. Crown this glorious spirit with a dazzling Christmas tree topper. These tips will help you choose the right one and to decorate your tree with elegance.

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What are the different designs of Christmas tree toppers, and what is their symbolism?

You may be familiar with these designs, but do you know their symbolism, and why are they chosen as Christmas tree toppers?

  • Star. It represents the Star of Bethlehem. It is symbolic of the cosmic forces that announced to the world the birth of Jesus in Jerusalem.

  • Finial. It symbolizes the zenith of love, dedication, and reverence to the Lord.

  • Angels. Since Jesus could not be everywhere, he designated angels to bless and guard his followers. Adorn them as Christmas tree topper to bring you good luck, health, and good fortune.

  • Fairies. They are the holy spirits of the Biblical lore who bestow their magical powers on believers when they are placed atop a Christmas tree.

  • Santa Clause. He comes down the chimney Christmas night and silently put gifts under the Christmas tree.

  • Cross. Placed atop a Christmas tree, it reminds believers of the supreme sacrifice of the Lord and exhorts them to follow his path.

The other types of Christmas tree toppers are rosettes, ribbon bows, wreaths, and sunbursts - all symbols of cheerful festive spirit.

Crystal Star Tree Topper
Electric Lighted Starburst Tree Topper
Angel Christmas Tree Topper
Gold Pineapple Tree Topper
Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper
Pink and Sleek Holiday Tree Topper

What materials are toppers made of, and which one will suit my Christmas tree?

  • Plastic: Flexible vinyl and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are commonly used for die-cutting of different topper shapes, and then decorated with numerous surface materials. Example: a PVC star topper coated with shimmering dust on one side and silver on the other side. Molten PVC is also used for blow-molding of decorative items such as bulbs and bubbles, which are then used as festoons.

Plastic flowers, buds, wreaths, and garlands to make assorted DIY toppers.

Plastic Star Christmas Tree Topper with Lights
Plastic Christmas Tree Topper with Angel
Plastic Star of Bethlehem Tree Topper
Plastic Lighted Snowflake Tree Topper
Plastic Gold Snowflake Starburst Tree Topper
Plastic Glittered Star Christmas Tree Topper
  • Paper: Laminated, coated, and processed paper, corrugated sheets, and the like are widely used for Christmas tree toppers. Example: A perforated 3D star with interior light sitting atop a Christmas tree.

Additional tip: Use paper folding art such as Origami to DIY innovative topper shapes and forms for your Christmas tree topper.

  • Natural materials. Dry flowers, buds, leaves, branches are also innovatively painted or decorated to make various types of toppers.
3D White Star Tree Topper
Metal and Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper
Paper Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper
Green Paper Christmas Tree Topper Decoration
Gold Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper
  • Fabric: A vast variety - from pretty satin polka dots to dazzling artificial silk ribbons go into the making of modern eye-catching Christmas tree toppers. A good example is the glittering costume of an angel topper.

Whichever topper you choose, it should match well with your Christmas tree and the festive décor. For instance, for a cotton-frosted Christmas tree, select a mellow, white-and-silver starburst topper. Conversely, if your décor and Christmas tree are vibrant and colorful, go for a multi-color shimmering star, or a fairy with a dazzling costume and a starburst crown. To each, their own. The idea is to sync the topper, the Christmas tree and the décor as a single, cheerful, festive aesthetic experience.

Star Fabric Wool Tree Topper
Fabric and Plastic African American Christmas Angel Tree Topper
Fabric Dog Angel Tree Topper
Angel Christmas Tree Topper in Black and Gold Fabric
Fabric Snowman Star Tree Topper
Fabric Black Hat Tree Topper

What are some DIY tips for personalizing my Christmas tree topper?

Personalization has been a big thing over the past few years. Here are some ideas how to personalize your tree topper:

  • A simple but unique idea is to arrange a festoon of tiny, flickering LED lights to spell your name or a short message. If you are Jane, arrange the LED garland to read "Jolly Jane"!

  • Decorate the Christmas tree from all sides, crown it with a 3D topper like a star or sunburst, and revolve its base with a slow RPM (revolutions per minute) motor. 1 RPM will give a good view of your tree and it's also easy on the eyes.

  • Have Santa Clause as your topper and personalize his face with your Santa-selfie!

  • Buy or make an artificial rose wreath topper and paste your family photo in the middle. You can use it later as your personal memorabilia.

  • Sing a Christmas Carole and play its audio from a speaker concealed in the topper.

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