3 Expert Tips To Choose Shower & Bathtub Accessories

Shower and bathtub accessories are great for reducing the amount of clutter on bathroom surfaces. They also can be used to make products easier to reach during showering or bathing.

Here we offer some advice on the different types of accessories available and on selecting the right ones to meet your needs.

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What types of accessories are available for showers and bathtubs?

There are various options open to you in terms of shower and bathtub accessories. Carefully consider what you need and where you need it when making your decision.

  • Have a walk-in shower? 

Shower caddies are an excellent option for those who either prefer showers or have separate bath and shower areas. 

These great-looking little shelves are useful for keeping your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and any other bathroom products just where you need them to be. 

Shower caddies come in an array of different styles and also with various mounting options to suit your needs (see below for more on this).

Bronze Metal Tension Pole Shower Caddy
Large Hanging Shower Caddy With Suction Cups
Bronze Metal Hanging Shower Caddy
Silver Metal Tension Pole Shower Caddy
Teak Wood Freestanding Shower Caddy
Teak Wood Oval Shower Caddy
  • Love soaking in the tub? 

While there is some variability, most bath caddies and trays are designed to be placed across the tub for quick and easy access.

Moreover, these handy trays can be moved along the bath to where they are needed. This means that the right design can also be used for holding a glass of wine or propping up a good book. 

A further way bath caddies can make your life easier is if you have small children, they provide practical storage for bath time toys, which can then be lifted and moved away when you need more room.

Adjustable Bamboo Freestanding Bath Caddy
Brown Gray Bamboo Freestanding Bath Caddy
Brown Bamboo Freestanding Bathtub Caddy
Natural Bamboo Freestanding Bath Caddy
Chrome Metal Freestanding Bath Caddy
Bamboo Manufactured Wood Bath Caddy
  • Looking for something simple yet effective? 

Shower baskets are also useful for storing bathroom accessories. Unlike caddies, which often have multiple levels, baskets are more compact, with just enough room for the essentials. 

As such, baskets are great for those who don't have that many bath products or much room in their bathroom or shower.

Blue Neoprene Suction Shower Basket
Clear Plastic Suction Shower Basket
Chrome Brass Drill & Screw Mount Shower Basket
Chrome Metal Hanging Shower Basket
High Quality Chrome Metal Shower Basket
Plastic Corner Shower Basket With Suction Cups
  • Have a lot of stuff? 

Conversely, for those with oodles of products, shower shelves provide additional storage as needed about your bathroom.

These offer a great alternative to cabinet storage as everything is easily accessible, and the different types on offer mean that they are a versatile option.

Furthermore, they can be used to add a touch of style to a bathroom. Placed around the space, they can be used to display decorative items such as beautifully-designed bottles, ornaments, and even humidity-loving plants.

White Plastic Suction Shower Shelf
Teak Wood Suction Shower Shelf
Matte Black Stainless Steel Shower Shelf
Metal Glass Rectangle Wall Shelf
Frosted Glass Metal Wall Mounted Shelf
Satin Nickel Metal Wall Mounted Shelf

Which is the best type of mount to opt for in bathroom accessories?

There many options for installing your shower and bathtub accessories. This is especially the case for shower caddies and baskets. Your decision on the mount will be influenced by the item you are considering, what style you want, and how your bathroom is used.  

  • Have plenty of space? 

Freestanding caddies and baskets can be placed around the room, stand in the shower, or on a corner of the bath.

Their portability makes them great for when multiple people share a bathroom. Each person gets their own small caddy, and they can switch them about as needed.

Another idea is to place larger caddies in the corners of the room for people to store their bottles outside the shower, so they can just grab what they need on the way.  

A potential downside of this style is that it could add to surface clutter, or accidentally get knocked over.

Bamboo Wood Freestanding Shower Caddy
Grey Stainless Steel Freestanding Corner Shower Caddy
Brown Wood Freestanding Shower Bench
Metal Freestanding Suction Corner Shower Caddy
Satin Metal Freestanding Shower Caddy
Silver Plastic Freestanding Corner Shelf
  • Enjoy a little variety? 

For space-saving hanging caddies are ideal. These are designed to be suspended from the showerhead, shower curtain pole, or the side of the bath to allow you to make good use of the available space.

Suction mounts work similarly - they can quickly be attached to tile or glass. However, be a little cautious about moving these around too often as if they are not correctly placed, they could fall. 

With each of these options, you also need to be careful with weight. This is especially the case with suction mounts and hanging caddies placed on flimsy structures.

Bronze Metal Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy
Silver Metal Suction Shower Caddy
Brown Silver Wood Hanging Shower Caddy
Satin Metal Hanging Shower Basket Caddy
Aluminum Adhesive Mount Shower Caddy
Mesh Plastic Hanging Shower Caddy
  • Know what you want? 

If you are entirely clear about how much storage you need and where you need it, the drilled mount gives the most stable solution. This is also best for shower shelves and baskets. 

With a drilled mount, you can be sure that the fixture is sturdy and able to hold multiple bottles, large ornaments, or anything else.

The downside is that you will be making permanent alterations to your bathroom. So it won't be easy to change your mind if you want something else at a later date.

Satin Nickel Stainless Steel Drill Shower Shelf
Polished Chrome Brass Drill Shower Caddy
Stainless Steel Drill Shower Bathroom Organizer
Polished Stainless Steel Metal Drill Shower Caddy
Chrome Aluminum Drill Corner Basket
Brass Metal Drill Bath Caddy

Which are the best materials for shower accessories?

These days bathroom accessories come in many different materials. Each one has its own pros and cons. 


  • Metal is the most versatile choice. Not only are there many different products to choose from, but they will suit pretty much any style bathroom. 
  • When opting for metal, just be sure to select a high-quality composition or coated design to ensure no rusting when the item is frequently exposed to water.


  • Despite offering fewer styles, plastic is the right way to go if you have young children. When a caddy or shelf gets knocked over - all too possible during bath time fun, there is less chance of injury. 
  • While many people hear plastic and think cheap, modern ceramic and glass-look designs very closely resemble the real thing. Either of these looks good in contemporary-style bathrooms, and ceramic is perfect as a more traditional choice.


  • Excellent for shower and sink shelves, glass can make a bathroom look ultra-modern, light, and spacious. 
  • They are also pretty good for weight-bearing and won't be affected by moisture in the way that some other materials might.
  • These accessories, though, are much more limited for types available - mostly just shelves - and options for mounting - for safety reasons, these will need to be drilled.


  • Wood may be a surprising choice for bathroom accessories, given the way the material responds to water. However, different treatments can make it much more durable. 
  • There are many options here in terms of products, styles, and mounting, and, while not quite as child-proof as plastic, they provide a safer alternative to glass. 
  • Wood and bamboo accessories look good in most bathrooms. Dark wood works best in traditional-style rooms, and light wood or bamboo gives the fresh, airy feel of a spa.

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