3 Expert Tips To Choose Makeup Organizers

Makeup can become a mess very quickly. All those little bottles and trays and applicators really pile up. It gets to be a real problem if you like to collect different shades of the same type of makeup. That's where makeup organizers can be a lifesaver. No more letting makeup go bad because it was at the bottom of some drawers and you forgot you had it. So below are tips on how to organize your makeup and which organizers work best.

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1. How Do I Organize Makeup?

To start, it helps to have an idea of how to organize makeup. Organizing can help you know how much makeup you have, which can also help you choose a makeup organizer. A good way to organize makeup is:

  • Put all your makeup out on a table to assess what you have. Discard anything that looks old, expired or is simply unused now.

  • Organize items in your collection by brand, color and/or function. For instance, have a pile just for black mascara or group your nail polish in a red section. This way, you can see how much you have and get an idea for the size of the storage container you need.

  • Choose storage options that are large enough to contain what you all have. Storage should also be segmented so you can keep things separated and visible. Also, consider if you want the makeup out on the counter or stored away. Tiered clear organizers work best on the countertop and boxes/bags work best stored away.

  • Consider labeling different boxes or compartments by brand or use. For instance, you might have a Burt's Bees container.

2. What are the Different Types of Makeup Organizers?

A larger part of actually getting your makeup organized is to understand which containers work best for which products.

  • Organizer tray: These makeup organizers are made to fit a wide variety of different products since they have different compartments. They're typically one plastic tier you place on the counter. Choose these if you don't have too much makeup you use regularly, and you just want to conveniently hold what you do have.

  • Custom holder: Some holders are made with specialty uses in mind. If you have many versions of one item, consider searching for a customized organizer for that item.

  • Tiered cosmetic organizer: These are usually tiered drawers that make one acrylic box, usually clear, so you can see what is where.  They will look elegant on your dressing and are convenient to use as you can find things easily in the separate drawers.

Clear Plastic Tiered Cosmetic Organizer
Plastic Makeup Tiered Cosmetic Organizer
Custom Holder Gold Makeup Organizer
Clear Plastic Makeup Organizer Tray
Metal Makeup Organizer Tray
Glass with Brass Makeup Organizer
  • Boxes: These are usually the traditional makeup box, often with a handle for portability. They're often made of metal. If you have a small counter or otherwise want to store a box you bring out when you're ready, this is a great option.   

  • Makeup bags: They usually have an outer fabric, sometimes with a metal base for stability. Makeup bags are usually used to travel. However, they can be a convenient way to house makeup at home. Choose this type if you want the organization and portability all the time.

  • Rotating: Some organizers have a carousel design and are perfect for displaying many different types of makeup. Ease of access to your makeup is the main asset of this type.

Clear Plastic Rotating Makeup Organizer
Freestanding Plastic Rotating Makeup Organizer
Metal Portable Makeup Organizer Bag
Portable Makeup Organizer Bag in Black
Bathroom Cosmetic Makeup Bag
Small Makeup Bag in Cream

3. Which Makeup Organizers Work for Different Products?

You should also choose your holder by which types of makeup it can hold. There are some easy general tips to follow to make sure you're getting the right organizer for the types of products you have. 

If you have just the basics, like lipstick, foundation, powder or eyeshadow, often a tray or tiered organizer is made to hold a limited amount of everything

But while tiered makeup organizers are made to hold multiple types of makeup, the drawers work best for flat or small pieces like eyeshadow trays, eyebrow pencils, small tubs of lip balm or compact powder. Often, tier designs have holders at the top that allow you to place larger items like cosmetic brushes, larger foundation containers, nail polish or lipsticks.

Bathroom Countertop Makeup Organizer Tray
Plastic Makeup Cosmetic Organizer
Plastic Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Tray
Clear Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Drawers
Long Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Drawers
Bin Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

On the other hand, get a custom holder if you have many versions of one item. For instance, get a cosmetic brush and pencil holder or a nail polish organizer that fits on a wall or door. 

If you have a lot of makeup, you might also consider boxes or makeup bags that you can pull out from a cabinet when you're ready to use them. Boxes might have a raised tray design once you open them. Tray boxes can often handle multiple sizes of makeup products. Bags tend to have multiple compartments meant to fit just about anything.

Bamboo Makeup Custom Holder Station
Black Rotating Cosmetic Custom Holder
Nail Polish Rack Custom Holder Organizer
Black Makeup Custom Holder
Makeup Case Organizer Travel Bag

Yet in boxes and bags, there might just be one compartment with pockets. One compartment works well if you have bulky items like large foundation bottles or packs of makeup sponges.  Pockets hold cosmetic brushes and pencils well.

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