3 Expert Tips To Choose Halloween Inflatables

One of the best parts of having a yard is being able to decorate it for the holidays. Halloween is one of the most fun, thanks to the wide range of spooky or fun themes. Below we'll cover how to choose Halloween inflatables that work for you and how to create a classy display using inflatables.

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Which themes are best in Halloween inflatables?

There are so many fun themes to choose from and you might be tempted to just buy them all. But narrowing down which theme you want can give your display some cohesion and make it look less like you threw every decoration in the world on your front lawn. A well-chosen theme means the difference between good design and a tacky display.

An easy way of looking at Halloween decorations is that they tend to come in two main categories: scary or fun. Inflatables are no exception, ranging from costumed dogs to hooded ghouls. Start by deciding if you want a fun Halloween look or a scary one. 

Fun Halloween inflatables include:

  • Harvest displays with smiling jack-o'-lantern pumpkins
  • Animals in costumes
  • Cartoonish dragons
  • Smiling, friendly ghosts, witches, vampires or goblins
  • Tombstones with funny sayings
  • Disney characters or other well-known fictional characters in costumes
Pumpkin Boy Skeleton Halloween Inflatable
Disney Mickey Vampire Halloween Inflatable
Smiling Pumpkin Lantern Halloween Inflatable
Dog Firefighter Halloween Inflatable
Smiling Spooky Town Halloween Inflatable
Smiling Bat Halloween Inflatable

Scary Halloween inflatables include:

  • Large monsters like giant spiders, large-mouthed black cats or red-eyed werewolves
  • Photorealistic characters from horror movies like Freddy Krueger or Pennywise
  • Menacing ghosts and ghouls
  • Haunted house openings

Get decorations from either the scary category or cute category. That will best help you create a theme. For instance, you could go with a "haunted front yard" theme by getting a few smaller menacing ghouls.

Three Ghosts in Pumpkin Halloween Inflatable
Black Wicked Reaper Halloween Inflatable
Halloween Haunted Forest with Ghosts Inflatable
Haunted Dog Werewolf HalloweenInflatable
Little Black Scary Tree Halloween Inflatable
Spooky Tree Halloween Inflatable

How to choose the number of Halloween inflatables?

We all know the home that goes a little overboard on the inflatables during the holidays. Using too many of them, or even placing them poorly, gives inflatables a reputation of being tacky. But you can use these fun holiday yard additions in a classy way by following a few tips.

An easy way to keep Halloween inflatables classy is to get one large one and use that as a focal point in your yard by placing it front and center. You can just use that one piece alone, or place smaller conventional decorations around it like real jack-o'-lanterns. 

If you use multiple smaller inflatables, make sure to use no more than three. Place them with something larger separating them, like the driveway or a tree, so they don't look cluttered.  

You can get away with multiple inflatables grouped together if they form a scene or theme. For instance, you might have a few of the photorealistic horror movie characters grouped together. Or for a cuter theme, you might have a few smiling jack-o'-lanterns placed together like a pumpkin family.

Medium Ghost Trick or Treat Sign Inflatable
Giant Black Cat Halloween Inflatable
Halloween Witch Totem Pole Inflatable
Small Pumpkin Trio Halloween Inflatable
Big Scarecrow Halloween Inflatable
Medium Black Spider Halloween Inflatable

How do you install Halloween inflatables?

To set up the inflatables safely, follow the steps below:

  • Start by checking for any restrictions in your area with the city or a homeowner association. You might have to set the decoration back from sidewalks a certain amount, keep decorations to a certain number or have them down by a certain date, as a few examples.

  • Always read the instructions that come with that particular inflatable.  

  • You will need to place the inflatable by an outlet. A cord will need to run to the blower motor. 

  • Also, find as flat of a surface for your inflatables as you can. Always make sure the area is free of obstructions, like low branches, tall grass or leaves.  

  • Lay the flat inflatable, so it is facing where you want it to show when it stands, and so the bottom is in the place you want it to be when it's erect. 

  • Check Halloween inflatables for holes or tears.

  • Close all the vents, zippers and other openings. That will give the inflatable the firmest shape when it has air blowing.

  • Blower motors usually fasten to the ground using stakes.

  • Plug in the power cord and inflate the piece to make sure it is facing the right way and inflating correctly. 

  • The motor's air intake should be free of any obstructions, like weeds, grass, ice or other objects.

  • Anchor and tether the inflatable in place.

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