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3 Expert Tips To Choose Drawer Organizers

Have you ever opened your drawers and just sighed because of how messy they were? A simple attempt to find a pair of socks or the right number of forks for your table can force you to go through all of your drawers as you get more and more frustrated!

With a good set of drawer organizers, you can avoid the hassle and stress that messy drawers often cause, whether in the kitchen, the bedroom, or anywhere you use drawers to store things.

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What type of drawer organizer do I need?

There are lots of different types of smaller things that you may have to organize in your home. Fortunately, to make your job easier, there are drawer organizers geared best for each of these items! The most common types of drawer organizers available are:


Instead of having your flatware all in a jumble, with pointy ends of forks and knives sticking up to pierce your hands, consider investing in a flatware drawer organizer. It'll have room for butter knives, spoons and forks so everything has its place. It'll be easier to put flatware away and it'll be easier to take it out to set the table.

Copper Bamboo Flatware Adjustable Drawer Organizer
Silver Plastic Flatware Adjustable Drawer Organizer
Gray Plastic Flatware Kitchen Utensil Tray
Silver Metal Flatware Adjustable Drawer Organizer
Small Plastic Flatware Adjustable Drawer Organizer
Brown Bamboo Flatware Adjustable Drawer Organizer


Spice drawer organizers tend to have flat, angled layers upon which you can lay spice jars flat, with their labels pointing up. Organizing spice in this way makes it easier to see what you have on hand---and much less likely that spice jars will roll together and break when you shut your drawer.

Almond Perfect Fit Spice Drawer Organizer
Gray Liner Spice Drawer Organizer
Silver Steel Spice Adjustable Drawer Organizer
Smoke Gray Plastic Spice Drawer Organizer
White Plastic Spice Drawer Organizer
Natural Bamboo Spice Drawer Organizer


Since dry food storage containers can come in a vast array of sizes and shapes, to keep these organized, you can purchase customizable drawer organizer inserts. With the concept of a horizontal peg board, each dry food drawer organizer will come with a board with holes in it and several long pegs. Depending on your storage needs, you can then place the pegs precisely where they should so you can keep your food containers nice and tidy.

Manufactured Wood Multi Purpose Drawer Organizer Set
Natural Manufactured Wood Drawer Organizer Set
Gray Plastic Drawer Organizer Set
Brown Wood Pull Out Pantry
Unfinished Birch Wood Pull Out Drawer
Clear Plastic Food Storage Container


Clothing drawer organizers will generally take the shape of a series of shallow boxes. In your drawer organizer set, you'll get several boxes of different shapes---for socks, for tees, for pants, and so on. If you organize your clothes in this way (like with like, neatly folded), you'll better be able to see what you have, use your whole wardrobe, and be able to pick things out with much-enhanced ease.

Fabric Canvas Beige Drawer Organizers
Beige Plastic Closet Drawer Organize Set
Silver Fabric Drawer Organizer Set
Gray Canvas Fabric Drawer Organizer Set
Plastic Beige Closet Drawer Organizer
White Plastic Closet Drawer Organize Set

What material and size is best for a drawer organizer?

Drawer organizers tend to be durable, flexible pieces that are made to obstruct your drawers as little as possible and stay clean as best as they can. Because of this, plastic is a commonly used material for drawer organizers. It's thin, it's flexible, it will last for a very long time---and it can often be molded to many different shapes of drawers, so it can be used for a variety of differing purposes.

On the other hand, plastic may not be very pretty. If aesthetics are important in your quest for the perfect drawer organizer, selecting a stained wood drawer organizer may be a much better choice.

Which organizer you should purchase will depend upon the amount of drawer space you have, as well. For example, because of the longer length of the pegs, larger food storage customizable organizers may not work well in shallower drawers.

Pay attention, too, to the width of the drawer organizer. Many will be able to expand to fit wider drawers, but they likely won't be able to collapse beyond a certain width. Taking the time to measure your drawers against the minimum width of the organizer can save you a lot of time!

Gray Plastic Drawer Organization Set
Silver Metal Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer
Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Drawer Organizer Set
Dark Gray Metal Drawer Organizer
Clear Plastic Bathroom Drawer Organizer
White Plastic Drawer Organize Set

Can I match my drawer organizer to the style of my home?

Often, because drawer organizers go on the inside of drawers, aesthetics are not the primary end manufacturers are designing for. However, if you see the inside of your drawers often, your drawers are perpetually open, or if you're using drawer organizers for an untraditional purpose, their style may be an important factor.

If you're going for a modern look, selecting clear plastic storage is a good call. This has enhanced benefits; you can see precisely what is inside, allowing for instant ease of use.

If you're hoping the look will be less busy and more traditional, go for a natural wood drawer organizer. It will have the look of a simple, pretty wooden box, and will match a number of styles as well as, certainly, your home's unique aesthetic.

If you have metal accents in your decor, you can choose a steel mesh organizer for a cohesive and minimalistic look.

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