3 Expert Tips To Choose Deck Boxes & Patio Storage

Deck boxes and patio storage provide you with a handy way to store outdoor items such as toys, cushions, and tools. They can help you to get the most from your garden or patio area.

There is a large variety of styles and sizes available. Here we will cover some of the key information to help you make the right purchase.

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1. What type of deck or patio storage should I get?

  • Short on space?

If you have a small garden or patio space, you might consider a multi-purpose storage solution. Deck box benches combine a space for storage with extra seating.

These are available in various different lengths, meaning that you will easily find something to suit your particular needs. Many benches come with back and armrests for extra comfort.

  • Want something simple?

Designed to lay horizontally with a flip-up top, chests, or standard deck boxes are both versatile and nicely compact. For regular storage, they are a great choice and can be moved around as needed.

There are multiple styles and colors, so you should be able to find one that matches your space with ease.

  • Need more storage space?

Cabinets or vertical deck boxes stand upright with outward opening doors. These are excellent if you need more space.

You may also consider one of these for ease of organizing your items and accessing them - some people have difficulty getting to the lower storage or don't like rummaging around to find things.  

  • Want something by the pool?

If you are looking for something to house just a few pieces, you may consider a towel stand or valet. The storage space is limited, but so is the amount of room taken up in your yard.  

2. Which capacity storage container do I need?

This is arguably the most important question to ask yourself when purchasing storage. You need to consider the space you have available, this will help you to initially start narrowing down the size. Then you are going to want to think about what you want to store and how much of it there is likely to be.

For simple items like towels or outdoor pillows, a small 50 gallons box will suffice. Medium deck boxes hold up to 100 gallons and are great for garden tools and supplies. If you need to store pool maintenance equipment, the large ones go up to 150, and the extra-large 150+ gallon boxes are able to house everything you keep outside.

Small Plastic Resin Storage Bench in Taupe
Small Plastic Deck Box in Brown
Medium Wicker Outdoor Resin Deck Box
Medium Plastic Horizontal Patio Storage
Large 110 Gallon Resin Deck Box
Large 120 Gallon Teak Deck Box
Resin Deck Box in Brown
Resin Wicker Deck Box in Dark Brown
Medium Plastic Deck Box in Black
Extra Large Resin Deck Box
Round Brown Resin Deck Box
Small Square Plastic Deck Box
Solid Wood Storage Patio Bench
Large Cedar Deck Box
Acacia Wood Patio Deck Box
Large Teak Wood Deck Box
Light Teak Wood Deck Box
Large Teak Patio Deck Storage Box
Small Square Rattan Deck Box
Medium Rattan Deck Box in Grey
Wicker and Rattan Patio Deck Box
Rattan and Wicker Patio Storage Bench
Wicker and Wood Deck Box

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