3 Expert Tips To Choose Christmas Tree Outdoor Decorations

Bring the spirit of Christmas to your home and neighborhood with Christmas tree outdoor decorations. Whether you are looking for traditional outdoor holiday decorations or something more modern, make the right choice for your home with our expert tips.

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What types of outdoor decorative Christmas trees are there?

There is a huge variety of outdoor decorative Christmas trees available. Let's take a look at some of the most popular types.

Lighted displays

Lighted displays provide your outdoor area with a good dose of holiday spirit without going overboard.

From LED metal cone light-up Christmas trees to window neon Christmas tree silhouettes, there are many different lighted display styles to choose from with different lighting colors and flashing options.

Snoopy with Christmas Tree Lighted Display
Christmas Tree Lighted Display
Tree Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lighted Display
LED Trees Christmas Decoration
Blue Christmas Tree Lighted Display
3 Piece Gift Box Lighted Display


Inflatable outdoor Christmas tree decorations are a fun way to jazz up your exterior for the festive season. For your convenience, most models are self-inflating and simply require plugging in.

If you are looking for a bright and colorful, large outdoor Christmas tree decoration, then this is the one to go for.

Outdoor Giant Christmas Tree Inflatable
Santa Claus on Pick Up Truck Christmas Tree Inflatable
Christmas Tree Inflatable
Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Inflatable
Glowing Christmas Tree LED Outdoor Inflatable
Rotating Christmas Tree LED Inflatable

Lawn art

Lawn art outdoor Christmas tree decorations bring the beauty of traditional style Christmas art to your outdoor space.

Featuring typically hand-painted scenes on freestanding wooden mounts, these beautiful artworks bring a touch of beauty and class as well as nostalgia. As no power source is required, they can be placed anywhere in your garden.

You should check that your model is both UV-resistant and weather-treated before purchasing to ensure years of use.

Truck and Christmas Tree Outdoor Lawn Art
Santa and Christmas Tree Outdoor Lawn Art
Christmas Tree Outdoor Lawn Art
Angel and Christmas Tree Outdoor Lawn Art
Snowman and Christmas Tree Indoor and Outdoor Lawn Art
Snowman and Christmas Tree Lawn Art

Garden stakes

Garden stakes are an easy way to bring some festive cheer to your home without having to worry about power outlets or losing your decorations to windy weather.

From simple tree-shaped "Santa Stop Here" signs to more traditional festive figurines, Christmas tree garden stakes are a practical, inexpensive way to decorate your exterior this holiday season.

Door murals

If you don't have much outdoor space or live in an apartment block, you can still decorate the exterior of your home with a Christmas tree door mural.

Easy to install, simple to take down, and no worries about losing it to stormy weather, small Christmas tree door murals are also fairly inexpensive, leaving you more cash to send on gifts.

You can also purchase larger versions to cover your garage doors to really make your home stand out this Christmas.

Merry Christmas Tree Door Mural
Merry Christmas Tree Door and Garage Mural
Elegant Black and Gold Christmas Tree Door Mural
North Pole Chrismas Elves Door Mural
Winter Candle Door Mural in Christmas Style

Which type of Christmas tree decoration is best for my outdoor space?

When you're choosing outdoor Christmas tree decorations, it's important to consider your available space and climate, as well as your personal style. Here are our recommendations for choosing your outdoor Christmas decorations for both small and large gardens.

Limited outdoor space?

  • Wall-mounted outdoor Christmas tree decorations save space and can even be used if you live in an apartment.

  • Christmas door murals are another good choice when you don't have a garden or if you need an easy maintenance choice.

  • Consider a lighted Christmas tree display that can be placed on your window. This will give your home a festive look that can be enjoyed from inside too.

Small outdoor space?

  • Favor smaller versions of inflatables and lighted displays, you don't want to overwhelm your small area.

  • Choose any of the above options for limited outdoor space and pair them with one or two garden spikes or small lighted displays.

  • While larger displays are more eye-catching, large inflatables and lawn art panels are best reserved for use in larger outdoor spaces as they can block your downstairs natural light in smaller spaces.

Small 4 Piece Christmas Garden Stake Set
Small Metal Christmas Truck Yard Garden Stake
Small Santa Snoopy with Christmas Tree Display
Small Christmas Tree with Star Lighted Display
Small Santa Snoopy Lighted Display
Medium Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Tree Lighted Display

Large outdoor space?

  • Opt for some of the larger inflatables or Christmas lawn art panels. You will need larger pieces to make the same effect in a larger outdoor area.

  • Try to focus on several larger outdoor Christmas tree decorations for a harmonious look. Too many different small models will provide too many conflicting points of focus.

  • Team large, eye-catching inflatables with door murals that feature natural, festive scenes of snow-covered trees or basic designs wishing passers-by "Happy Holidays".

  • While different bright colors and flashing lights are typical of Christmas decorations, purchasing decorations with a matching predominant color - think red or green - will unify your ensemble.

2 Piece Large Spiral Cone Tree Lighted Display
Large Santa's Castle Inflatable
Giant Christmas Tree Inflatable
Large Santa Scene with Christmas Tree Inflatable
Holiday Express Wooden Large Garden Stake
Large Crystal Cone Tree Lighted Display

How to choose weatherproof outdoor Christmas tree decorations?

Don't forget to also consider your climate.

If you typically have snowstorms, wind, or rain throughout December, then look for outdoor Christmas decorations that can stand up to your average weather conditions.

  • Metal lawn spike Christmas tree decorations can generally take all weathers and should last a lifetime.

  • Wall-mounted light tree displays can be fixed securely and should hold tight through most weather. If possible, locate them on more sheltered areas of your home that are still easily visible.

  • Door murals are another good choice, for both your front door and garage doors. Most feature sturdy hook and loop fastenings that will keep them securely fixed to your doors whatever the weather.

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