3 Expert Tips To Choose Christmas Decorative Accents

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, and for good reason. Seeing all of the pretty fairy lights and decorations will bring joy to anyone's heart!

Everyone wants to have the most dazzling decorations, which is why we're here to give you some expert tips on choosing the perfect Christmas decorative accents for your home.

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What should the color scheme of my decorations be?

This should be one of the first things you consider before buying Christmas decorations. The color scheme you choose will decide what types of ornaments and trinkets you'll be able to buy, so pick wisely!

Love tradition? => Red and green

Red and green is probably the most popular Christmas decoration color scheme.

You'll be able to find almost any type of Christmas decoration that has a variation matching this color scheme, including garlands, ribbons, and tree ornaments.

If you want to make the decorations feel a bit fresher, use a range of shades for both colors - this will add depth without breaking the color scheme.

Red Metal Christmas Freight Train Set
Red Plastic Carousel Decorative Accent
Red Green LED Lighted Table Christmas Balls Set
Red Polyester Plush Moose Decorative Accent
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Red Plastic Elf Christmas Tree Dress Up Set

Want something minimalistic? => Blue and white

Blue and white is another popular color scheme as it reminds us of winter, without being too overbearing like the more traditional color schemes can sometimes be.

This color scheme can be easily incorporated into any aesthetic but looks particularly beautiful when paired with some natural green from trees and garlands.

Like with red and green, don't be afraid to experiment with different shades of each color to add some depth!

White Snow Globe On Birch Tree Sculpture
Blue White Frosty On Wooden Hanging Ornament
White Plastic Snowman Christmas Tree Dress Up Set
Gray White Gnome Plush Table Top Christmas Figure
White Baby Bear With Santa Hat Sack
Cream Fabric Cotton Santa Bag

Like impressing your guests? => Gold and silver

The sparkle and glow of a gold and silver color scheme are sure to catch the eye of your guests!

This color scheme can turn any home into a combination of festive and luxurious, without obstructing the décor you usually have throughout the year.

The easiest decorations for this color scheme are tree ornaments and ribbons, as they always come in a huge range of colors.

Try to stick to only one or two shades of each color - gold and silver can appear "washed out" if they're too pale, and too overwhelming if they're too dark.

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Want something modern? => Navy and fuchsia

Now, although this combination doesn't seem too festive, you can easily pull it off with some extra decorations!

For this color scheme to work, pair it with some neutral-colored decorations like fake snow - make it as obvious as possible that you're celebrating Christmas.

This color scheme is sure to make a statement by putting a fun twist on the traditional festivities and glamming up the holiday a little.

Beware, this color scheme will only really work out if your existing home décor is based around shades of white and gray.

Wood Santa On Elephant Door Hanger
Navy Reindeer Sleigh Lumbar Pillow
Polyresin Lighted Flying Sleigh Christmas Village
Purple Plastic Mini Icicle Light
Fuchsia Plastic Hanging Finial Ornament
Fabric Snowflake Wired Craft Ribbon

What types of Christmas decorations should I choose?

Now that you've chosen a color scheme, it's time to start decorating! Luckily, nowadays you'll find many decorations in a very wide range of colors and shades, though some just look better in their traditional colors.

  • You can't have Christmas without tree ornaments! They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple round or icicle-shaped baubles to intricate designs of Santa or a Christmas village. You'll find them in absolutely any color you want, and will have the choice of a shiny, matte, or glittery finish.

  • Garlands are also a super important part of Christmas decorating. They traditionally come in dark green or snow-tipped, especially if they're supposed to imitate real pine or spruce. The colorful versions tend to look cheaper, but if you want a pop of color among your decoration, they're the perfect choice.

  • Ribbons come in a variety of colors and finishes, and sometimes even have festive patterns on them. They're super cheap and can be used to liven up almost any area of the house.

  • We can't forget about the Christmas lights! There are two main variations of Christmas lights: neutral and colorful. If you've opted to use a lot of colorful decorations, try buying some neutral lights to create a nice balance, and vice versa.

  • Figurines and small trinkets are great for adding festive details to your décor. Things like tiny glass or porcelain Santa, reindeer, angels, or even whole replica Christmas villages will match almost any décor style and color scheme. Just make sure not to overdo it, otherwise your rooms will look messy and disorganized.

Plastic Multicolor Candy Shop Water Globe
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Frosted Pine Pre Lit Teardrop Swag
Plastic Christmas Finial Ornament Set
Aqua Plastic Hanging Ball Ornament
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How should I arrange my decorations?

It's all well and good to have some decorations picked out in a color scheme that you like, but you still need to know how to best use the decorations. Just placing them wherever you feel like it is bound to make your house look messy, with some areas having too much going on, and other areas having too little.

Have a lot of space to decorate? => Have consistency

If you find yourself needing to decorate quite a lot of rooms in your home, you might be worried about keeping it all looking tidy and well thought out.

Find one or two aspects of the décor that you want to appear in every room.

For example, you may decide to incorporate silver glittery ribbons into the decorations found in every single room, while changing the setup of everything else.

This is a subtle way to retain consistency and a cohesive end result without having the exact same decorations in the whole house.

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Don't have a lot of room? => Focus on the basics

If you have a bit of a smaller space to work with, just try to stick to the most festive decorations, or your favorite ones if you have them.

You won't need hundreds of baubles and figures littering your home - instead, focus on some nice garlands and the occasional decorative ribbon.

Whatever you do, try your best to place decorations high off the ground, e.g. don't put fake snow on the ground but on windowsills - decorations taking up the floor space will make the room appear smaller and messily cluttered.

Ivory Wax Snowman Flameless Candle
Fir Wreath With Clear Lights
Plastic Snowflake Clear Ball Ornament
White Green Wool Felt Ball Garland
Clear Glass Lighted Snowman Ball
Plastic Snowman LED Lighted Lantern

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