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3 Expert Tips To Choose A Sports Case

A sports case adds a personality boost to any home, letting your team spirit sing loud and proud. They also serve functional purposes. Players, fans, and full-out fanatics can organize their treasures while jazzing up some of that empty wall space.

What Type of Sports Case Do I Need?

Whether you want to preserve your son's first baseball or make a shrine to your favorite quarterback, there are loads of cases to choose from.

Jersey Frames

Sports jerseys can be popular (and valuable) collectors' items. Rather than tucking away a signed or special jersey in the attic, keep it pressed in a glass case, free of dust and free to enjoy. Simply hang up the item with the provided hanger, close the cabinet, and mount the case.

Large Frame Jersey Display Cabinet
Wall Display Sports Jersey Frame Box
Solid Wood MDF Jersey Case
Modern Black T Frame Unique Display Case
Solid Wood Hanger And Wall Mount Jersey Frame
Brown Solid Wood Jersey Frame

Ball Display Cases 

Ball display cases will make a good choice if you have some equipment you'd like to show off. These cubical cases are perfect for displaying footballs, golf balls, baseballs, you name it!

Acrylic Golf Balls Display Case
Solid Wood Baseball Ball Display Case
Plastic Football Ball Display Case
Black Wall Mounted Basketball Ball Display Case
Cherry Solid Wood Golf Ball Display Case
Glass Wood Ball Display Case

Wall Cases

Does your collection border on obsession? A wall case is best for larger displays that you can dedicate to an entire sport or theme, for example, sports memorabilia from the 20th century, or trophies from your high school basketball team.

Hot Wheels Collector Wall Case
Chrome Metal Glass Wall Display Case
Black Metal Wall Display Case
Walnut Wood Metal Display Case
Oak Wood Glass Wall Display Case
Antique Champagne Wood Metal Display Case

Should I Use Plexiglass or Real Glass In My Sports Case?

One of the main functions of a sports case is to keep your valuables safe from damage such as fading. To protect your items, follow these guidelines.


We all know accidents happen, so you'll want to find shatter-proof glass. The main benefit of real glass is that your sports case will appear more dignified. However, this can be a dangerous option, especially if you have small kids or a dog in the house.


Although real glass gives the case a more classic feel, plexiglass is still a smart alternative. In addition to being shatterproof, plexiglass typically comes with UV protection and won't break the bank. This means that it's more resistant to wearing down from natural elements. Another benefit is that it's also more difficult to scratch.

Acrylic Soccer Ball Display Case
Black Octagon Nine Baseball Display Case
Acrylic Football Helmet Display Case
Glass Baseball Bat Display Case
Glass Double Mini Helmet Display Case
Black Acrylic Skate Display Case

What Stylistic Choices Should I Consider For My Sports Case?

Okay, now for the fun part. There are many routes you can take with a sports case depending on your personal taste.

  • Add context. Have your frame engraved or include a plaque that describes why the item is special.
  • Draw a crowd. If you want to really liven things up, add lighting to bring more attention to the display. LED lighting works well for this.
  • Ensure contrast. Consider the color of your items when choosing materials for the case. For something bright white like a golf ball, you might want to go with a darker base, such as forest green velvet or classic mahogany wood. 
  • Organize. When using a large wall sports case, organization is the key design element. Cluster items together in a way that makes sense, such as smaller balls grouped in the front and larger trophies spaced out in the back. You want to make sure that everything is visible, but that nothing looks junky.

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