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3 Expert Tips To Choose A Portable Tool Storage

What is a good portable tool storage device? It should be user-friendly, it should accommodate various tools to make any repair task easy, and it should be handy and easy to carry anywhere. Our expert tips will help you choose the right type of kit for your requirements. Read on.

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1. What Are the Types of Portable Tools Storage?


They are like mobile maintenance shops that have many tools you need. Designed as a one-stop box with many 3D organizer compartments and made from tough plastics such as ABS, polypropylene (PP), or molded plastic, and metal. Available in many designs and colors. Choose this type if:

  • You need all tools stored in one box; very useful if you are forgetful and often don't remember where you've placed things

  • You undertake various repairs that need a large variety of tools

Tool cases

They are similar in concept to the toolboxes. However, unlike the box, they are slimmer and more compact. They are good for you if you need more flat tools that fit in a slim design.

Classic Red Portable Toolbox Storage
Black POrtable Toolbox Storage
Black Metal Portable Toolbox Storage
Grey and Yellow Portable Toolbox Storage
Red Portable Toolbox Storage
Black Plastic Portable Toolbox Storage

Tool bags

These are flexible bags made from very tough plastics such as ballistic nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. The body has a foam padding to prevent damage from falls, soft, padded hand-grips or shoulder-strap, and many configurations of internal storage organizers. Advantages:

  • Easy to carry and handy
  • Compact yet spacious internal storage
  • Washable; maintenance-free
  • Sleek and contemporary looks

Tool pouches

Smaller designs of portable tool storage are available as roll-up and hand-held pouches. There are many design variations, but the end-function remains the same - to offer you a hand-held, mini tool-storage device

Some designs are also suitable for craft tool storage that have neat, small pockets and inlays to store scissors, cutters, glue-sticks, tapes, and the like.

Slim Tool Bag Portable Storage
Brown Tool Bag Portable Storage
Large Red and Black Tool Bag Portable Storage
Green Single Pocket Tool Pouch
Tool Pouch Storage Set
Red and Black Tool Pouch Set

Tool belts

They are a design option for tool pouches, and suitable for electrical, plumbing, hardware, and other domestic repairs and maintenance. Ideal for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) tasks.

Truck toolboxes

They are meant for heavy-duty vehicle repair and maintenance. They are usually mounted on the truck's rear bed, but mechanics also use them in garages and workshops as portable utility boxes. 

Truck toolboxes are made from thick, 16 to 20-gauge steel or aluminum, with a hinged lid and many styles of internal storage compartments. They have lockable handles. They are electrostatically painted with diamond-treads that can withstand the roughest and the toughest handling without denting or scratching.

Because of design innovations, these toolboxes have evolved as utility boxes and found usage in repair, maintenance, and storage for:

  • Boats and yachts
  • Equestrian
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles
  • And more
Extra Large 27-Pocket Synthetic Tool Belt
Double Pocket Tool Belt in Black
Tool Belt Storage in Black
Full Size Truck Tool Box in Silver
Single Lid Truck Tool Box in Black
Truck Tool Box in Black

3. What Are the Sizes of Different Types of Portable Tool Storage?


Depending upon the design and storage capacity, the dimensions vary marginally as under:

9 ¾"- 11 ¾"H x 16 ½"- 20 ½"W x 8 1/3"- 9 ¾"D

There is not much to pick-and-choose in terms of size. Make a choice based on your requirement.

Tool bags

The dimensions are in the below range:

6"- 11"H x 12"- 14"W x 5"- 7"D

Some examples of tool bags' uses are electronic and computer hardware repair, electrical repair, and white goods repair. The tools for such tasks will be relatively small, but each type can have a greater variety and range. For instance, the screwdriver set for laptop repair has 40 sizes!

Keeping this in mind, choose a size that offers you many pockets and slots, and other types of separators.

Tool pouches and tool belts

They are meant for custom and general domestic use. While all sizes have great purpose and functionality, choose the one that suits your requirements.

Truck tool box

18 ½"- 20"H x 60"- 65"W x 18 ½"- 20 ½"D

Large Plastic Transparent Tool Box
Medium Electronic Repair Tool Box Set
Large Truck Tool Box in Black
Medium Single Lid Truck Tool Box in Silver
Small Emergency Kit Tool Bag
Medium Tool Bag in Black

Things you should consider before choosing the truck toolbox size:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Will you be able to easily mount the toolbox on the vehicle's bed?
  • Will the size be easily manageable while working on a repair?
  • Does the size have adequate storage and separator arrangement?

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