3 Expert Tips To Choose A Memo Board

Memo boards are one of those home items that add both style and function to your space. You can write reminders to yourself and choose a type of memo board that fits a certain décor theme. Below we'll cover which type, material, size and style you should choose for your décor needs.

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Which types and materials of memo boards are best?

Memo boards come in several major types. The most common one people think of is the type of memo board you write on. These can be made of either chalkboard material or whiteboard material. If you tend to write many different notes, choose this style.

Month Calendar Wall Mounted Chalkboard
Decorative Free Standing Chalkboard
Large Wood Frame Mounted Chalkboard
Magnetic Wall Mounted Chalkboard with White Frame
Week Calendar Rustic Framed Chalkboard
Medium Wall Mounted Chalkboard with White Frame

You can also find a set-in memo board that comes in more of a shadowbox style. These often have wooden shelves and compartments for uses like hanging keys, writing notes or even placing decorative items like small potted plants. If you like the versatility and organization of a memo board with shelving, choose this style.

Set-in Memo Board with Chalkboard
Set-in Memo Board with Chalkboard and Wood Frame
White Wooden Set in Memo Board
White Wooden Set in Memo Board Organizer
White Set in Memo Board with Chalkboard

Another common type is a push-pin memo board. These have a type of material, like cork or fabric, that allow you to fix items to them using push pins. If you tend to use memo boards to hang pre-written notes, photos or other paper items, choose a push-pin style. 

Some memo boards are also magnetic, so you can use magnets to hang notes, photos or business cards, like you would on a fridge. If you don't like the idea of erasing a dirty chalkboard or having sharp pins on the wall, choose this option.

Push Pin Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Push Pin Cork Memo Board
Decorative Push Pin Cork Memo Board
Push Pin Wood Framed Memo Board
Large Wooden Magnetic Wall Mounted Memo Board
Long Magnetic Memo Bulletin Board

Another style you might see is the ribbon board. These often have crisscrossing ribbons that you place over photos and notes to hold those items in place. They're usually brightly colored and the ribbon gives a cute romantic look.

You can also find felt boards you attach letters to. These are great for retro or classic styles. They can also look good in artsy styles since they often come in bright shades. 

Some styles might combine push-pin, draw-on and shelving styles. For instance, a style might have a drawing section on top and a push-pin board on the bottom. Or it might have a drawing section with a shelf at the bottom. Get these if you want the best of multiple styles.

How big a memo board should I get?

Memo boards tend to come in sizes that fit neatly over a desk area. For instance, they might be around 33 inches by 27 inches. But memo boards come in a wide variety of sizes, so be sure to measure the wall space you have and shop around for the perfect size. 

You can also decide if you want the memo board to be longer by orienting it horizontally or taller by orienting it vertically. If you are placing the memo board over a wide desk, it makes sense to orient it horizontally. Vertical memo boards look best on smaller walls or in more narrow spaces. 

Some memo boards also come as sets, where two will have a small boxy shape and a third may be long. They fit together on the wall to give different functions, like one piece may be a chalkboard, another a corkboard and another a dry erase board. The smaller boards may be 9 inches by 9 inches, and the longer board may be around 18 inches by 7 inches. This is another good size and style to choose if you want different functions because you both hang items and write notes.

3 Piece Small and Medium Board Set
Modern Farmhouse Magnetic Board and Chalkboard
Medium Two in One Chalk and Magnetic Board
Large Corkboard Bulletin Board
Medium Push Pin Bulletin Board
Medium Magnetic Board with Decorative Frame
Country Schoolhouse Magnetic Chalkboard
Farmhouse Long Chalkboard
Classic Style Push Pin Corkboard
Traditional Wood Frame Push Pin Board
Multi Functional Dry Erase and Magnetic Combo Board
Decorative Wood Wall Mounted Chalkboard
Industrial Clip Photo Memo Board
Monthly Calendar Magnetic Chalkboard

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