3 Expert Tips To Choose A Garden Hose Reel

A garden hose is to your backyard what arteries and veins are to the human body. Now, what if your arteries were not properly managed and they become an entangled mess? The same can happen to your garden hose if it is not properly coiled and stored. That is why you need a good garden hose reel to store your hose.

Although apparently a mundane purchase, an informed choice makes your hose last longer and perform better. Follow these tips to get the right one for your garden.

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What are the benefits of a garden hose reel?

  • If left unattended after use, a garden hose will have to withstand UV rays that interact with its material and make it brittle or cause cracks. A hose reel will keep it safely coiled and increase its life and performance.

  • A garden hose carries water, which corrodes the inner metal mesh lining. This weakens the structure and if it is not preserved in a reel, it will start leaking.

  • You can move the hose effortlessly in a hose cart rather than carrying the bulky coil manually.

  • An unattended garden hose can come in your toddler's or pet's way and cause accidental falls.

  • If it is left lying on a driveway, vehicular pressure will damage the hose.

  • Your garden will look a lot neater and tidy with the hose tucked away in a reel.

What are my choices of garden hose reels?

Hangers, holders, and stands

These are simple and basic but very effective devices to coil and store a garden hose. Made from metal rods or pipes, they have a base or a stand on which the hook is welded. It can be a single hook or a rack for additional support if the hose very long. They often have decorative wrought iron crowns for aesthetic appeal.

Being simple designs, they are the most affordable of garden hose reels. Choose this type if you want to add style and elegance on a budget. For enhanced aesthetics, paint the reel in a bright, cheerful outdoor color such as spring green, autumn orange, or cherry-red.

Iron Standing Hose Holder
Decorative Standing Water Hose Holder
Metal Hose Holder Stand in Green
Star Standing Garden Hose Holder
Yellow Steel Hose Holder Stand
Standing Garden Water Hose Holder in Black


These are portable hose reeling devices mounted with two or four heavy-duty casters or wheels. The design usually provides a handle for easy coiling or uncoiling of the hose. Some designs have baskets to store garden equipment and accessories.

Below are some standard capacities and which one to choose for your needs:

  • 5/8"  - 175' (for small backyards, front-yards, and kitchen gardens)

  • 5/8"  - 229' (for medium-sized gardens)

  • ½"  - 393' (for patios, multi-level, stepped, rock, and other gardens)

Carts are ideal for you if you have a larger garden or backyard where you need to move the hose to different places to water your plants. Choose a neutral gray, black, or white-colored body that will harmonize with the outdoors in all seasons.

Hose Reel Cart in Green
Metal Hose Reel Cart
Outdoor Garden Hose Reel Cart
Bronze Steel Hose Reel Cart
Water Hose Reel Cart in Beige
Resin Plastic Hose Reel Cart


These garden hose reels have a wall-mounted plank on which the reel is fitted. It can be operated with a crank to coil and uncoil the hose. They will be your choice if space-saving is your requirement in a small backyard or a kitchen garden. Go for sand, concrete, or brick-colored reels that match the wall surface.

A lot of the wall-mounted type reels are very decorative and have some quirky designs like frogs, pinecones or watering cans. Choose this type if you want your hose reel not only be practical, but also spruce up your exterior by providing decorative elements to your garden.


These are mechanized reels, usually wall-mounted. You don't need to manually uncoil or coil the hose. Just pull out the hose to the needed length and it will get locked. When you are done watering, just give a gentle tug and the hose will self-retract smoothly without any tangling.

With a different nozzle, you can use this reel for spraying the shrubs and plants, apart from watering your lawn.

Being in the high-end price range, opt for this model if you own a big garden and want a practical garden hose reeling solution that will last for years. Designs are available in thoughtful garden-friendly colors and finishes, so suit yourself and your garden!

Aluminum Wall Mounted Hose Holder
Decorative Wall Mounted Garden Hose Holder
Decorative Round Wall Mounted Hose Holder
Cast Aluminum Wall Mounted Hose Holder in Copper Rust
Plastic Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel
Faucet Metal Wall Mounted Hose Reel

Hose container

This is an enclosed reel that shelters the garden hose fully, from all sides. It has louver-type ventilators or perforations for air circulation. Depending upon the model and design, the operation could be manual or automatic rewind of the hose.

Top-end models are battery-powered automatic devices.

Hose containers are designed to save time and increase productivity through automation. Choose one if that's your objective. A range of factory-finishes will suit any type of outdoor ambiance.


Pots are a great solution when you want to hide the hose completely. If aesthetics is your top priority and you don't want to destroy your garden decor with some plastic hose devices, pots are your 'go to' solution. They are attractive and practical and will add to your garden decor. An additional bonus of pot storage for your hose is that it will protect it against direct sunlight or rain.

Available in a big variety of  colors and finishes, the choice of hose pots is as wide as your imagination. If you already have some flower pots in your garden, choose your hose pot in the style to match what you already have. Alternatively, if you want an accent piece, go for a pot that will stand out and attract attention.

Black Square Garden Plastic Hose Pot
Water Hose Pot in Brown Plastic
Copper Metal Hose Pot
Large Metal Hose Pot
Rustic Metal Hose Pot with Floral Theme

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