3 Expert Tips To Choose A Cake Or Tiered Stand

If you're looking to make a statement with your next dessert, there's no easier or more effective move than to invest in a cake or tiered stand! These functional, beautiful pieces can transform your baked good into a stylish piece of architecture – and it can even make them easier to serve.

Let's look at the insider info you'll need to pick out the best cake or tiered stands.

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What  type of cake stand should I choose?

A cake stand is a simple elevated platter on which to put a cake. Since cakes can often be considered as decorative elements of a meal as much as they are nutritive or delicious, making sure that everyone can see them due to their elevated status can make a lot of sense!

Mango Wood Round Cake Stand
Champagne Stainless Steel Crystal Cake Stand Set
White Ceramic Round Cake Stand
Brown Wood Iron Cake Stand Set
Blue Glass Square Cake Stand
White Gold Stoneware Round Cake Stand

A tiered stand has more than one such platter; a larger one a few inches off the ground, followed by a medium one a few inches above that, and a very small one at the top of the central column. It is very stylish to arrange smaller treats like cupcakes or cookies around a tiered stand and so get a more elevated look from simpler, smaller treats.

Antique White Wood Tiered Stand
Blue Iron Round Tiered Stand
Brown Ceramic Aluminum Tiered Stand
Grey Stoneware Round Tiered Stand
White Porcelain China Tiered Stand Set
White Wood Round Tiered Stand

Both tiered stands and cake stands come in several different types. The most common are:


Pastry chefs often use cake or tiered stands that rotate smoothly in order to ice their cakes in a professional manner. These types of cake stands are typically made of metal or plastic and are not usually made to be seen outside of the kitchen.

They are, however, excellent as utilitarian kitchen items. Choose this type if you need a stand for decorating your cakes in the kitchen rather than for displaying  them in front of your guests.

Mainly Decorative

Ceramic, glass, wood, or crystal cake or tiered stands look gorgeous and are meant for more than the mere act of preparing cakes behind the scenes. Any of these would make a beautiful centerpiece to your table! Go for this type if the main purpose of the stand is to display your cakes.

Stands with Bell Tops

These kinds of stands come with a glass or metal topper that can keep the contents inside from going stale. These toppers are generally only found with cake stands or tiers that have two or fewer levels. If you are looking for a stand to display your cakes on the table as well as storing them in the kitchen, these will be perfect for you.

Brown Wood Glass Round Cake Stand
Clear Glass Round Cake Stand
Gold Stainless Steel Cake Stand Set
Glass Stainless Steel Rectangular Tiered Stand Set
Wood Iron Square Tiered Stand
Gold Steel Abstract Cupcake Holder

What is the best material for my cake or tiered stand?

As cake and tiered stands are usually decorative, the best material is the one that you find prettiest. Wooden cake or tiered stands are easy to dress up or down, are durable, and are suitable for a wide range of foods and displays. White ceramic is also timeless and will match numerous styles.

If you're going for practicality or durability, a wood, plastic, or even stone cake stand is your best bet. Plastic will be light and will last through anything, but it may not be as aesthetically appealing. A stone stand is a good choice if you don't expect the need to move it very much!

Finally, you should consider a metal cake stand if you're looking for a wow-factor to dress up a more minimalistic decor or cake. We'll talk more about matching styles in the below section!

Natural Wood Round Tiered Stand
Gold Iron Abstract Tiered Stand
Nacar Stoneware Round Cake Stand
Silver Iron Round Cake Stand
White Nickel Plated Abstract Cake Stand
Black Stainless Steel White Stoneware Cake Stand Set

What are the styles of cake and tiered stands, and how can I match them to my home?

If you're wondering what kind of cake or tiered stand will look best in your home, read on! First, assess the style of your home, kitchen, or dining room: wherever the cake stand will spend most of its time. Then, think about the look you'd like to achieve with your new cake or tiered stand! If you're going for a…

Traditional and Classic Look

The more Baroque and detailed, the better! You'll want to go for a crystal or metal cake stand with lots of scrollwork or geometric sculpting along the base, and perhaps even a lace or filigree edging to the base of each tier.

Rustic and Neutral

For a chic, farmhouse look, consider going with a stone or wooden stand particularly one with rough or natural live edges. When paired with a naked or lightly iced cake with berries and flowers, your cake stand will be a stunning focal point in any room!

Modern and Streamlined

For a minimalistic, sophisticated look, try a cake or tiered stand of plain glass or white ceramic. These will fit in well with neutral, modern decor---and, as a bonus, they will not detract in any way from your cake! In fact, if you plan on frequently making cakes that have lots of pattern and color, this style of cake stand might be your best bet.

Silver Aluminum Traditional Tiered Stand
Gold Metal Glass Tiered Stand
Light Blue Metal Cake Stand
Alabaster White Glass Cake Stand
White Marble Brass Metal Cake Stand
Brown Round Wood Tiered Stand
Copper Wood Iron Round Cake Stand
Gray Wood Rectangular Tiered Stand
Gold Glass Round Cake Stand
Silver Distressed Metal Glass Cake Stand
White Marble Wood Cake Stand
Galvanized Iron Industrial Tiered Stand

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