15 Useful Wooden Shelves For A Laundry Room

There's something special about a wooden shelf with a white or neutral background. They give a space a natural and clean feel -- which is exactly what you are looking for in a laundry room!

Maybe you're needing a simple yet functional shelf or two to give off a minimalist feel. As an upgrade, maybe you want to add a textured raw shelf to match other rustic areas in your home.  

Either way, you want a stylish display that you can use efficiently. Here are 15 useful wooden shelves for a laundry room that may spark your interest.

Two-Piece Solid Wood Floating Shelves

Two Piece Solid Wood Floating Shelves

These solid wood floating shelves are the simplest and most rustic design styles out there. You can find these plain rough and textured shelves sold separately or in pairs.

This shelf type hides brackets giving it a more natural appeal. You can buy these shelves in multiple types of wood grain and paintings like natural, coffee bean, and whitewashed color.

Reclaimed barn wood shelves show decades of history with their dents, scratches, nails, and other fine historical details. These shelves are perfect for people who prefer sliding their laundry detergents off a shelf instead of lifting them up and out.

Three-Tier Shiny Metal And Wood Shelving

Three Tier Shiny Metal And Wood Shelving

Wood shelving can be glamorized with shiny gold or metal polish to give your laundry room a dash of elegance. These shelving types are great for those interested in either modern, traditional, or contemporary design styles.

The light and thin wood-colored shelving combined with the shiny outlining makes this shelf look delicate. These types of shelves can hold up to 15 pounds with no problems.

Fold your face cloths and roll your towels and place them neatly on the shelves. The open metal frame allows you to hang towels if you need more space.

Heavy Duty Wood Shelves With Hanging Rod

Heavy Duty Wood Shelves With Hanging Rod

The heavy-duty organizer wood shelves are fantastic for big families. Laundry days can be extremely "heavy-duty," and you'll need a shelf that can take a lot of weight and hold a lot of cleaning supplies.

160 pounds of weight can be applied to these wood and metal shelves. You can set laundry baskets, detergents, dryer sheets, and so much more on these shelves.

Heavy-duty shelving is normally made of metal framing and wooden shelving. You can find the wood grain in its natural state or covered with white paint.

White Painted Wood With Shiny Dainty Brackets

White Painted Wood With Shiny Dainty Brackets

White painted wood with shiny brackets is the daintiest shelves to put in a laundry room. The shiny brackets are made of metal allowing the wood shelf to hold more weight without breaking.

These shelves go well with shabby-chic and vintage home décor. The Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) adds a new dimension of finesse to space.

Modern design comes into play with the geometrically shaped triangles located on each side of the wooden board. Also, the thin metal and shelving give an area the appearance of having more space.

Single Solid Wood Box Shelf

Single Solid Wood Box Shelf

Single solid wood box shelves are like the two-piece solid wood shelves, only instead of two pieces, it's combined into one piece. They come in rustic or walnut brown and mainly natural-toned finishes.

What's great about wood boxes and their natural tones is they match all washers and dryers. You can have white, silver, black, or gray appliances in your laundry room and this shelf will pair pleasantly.

They are made of 100 percent solid wood and can hold an average shelf capacity of 15 pounds. The concealed shelf brackets are a plus for people wanting a smoother shelf presence.

Wood Accordion Drying Rack And Shelf

Wood Accordion Drying Rack And Shelf

Wood accordion drying racks and shelves are an amazing three-in-one option. The drying rack can be folded in and out when in use, which can save you a lot of space.

You can hang towels and other linens on the hooks or drying rack and set your detergents on the shelf above them. If you need variety in your laundry room this is a great deal for you.

The coating on the drying rack is water-resistant and can hold up to 20 pounds. The sturdy wood composite makes it safe to place several items on it at once.

Wooden Shelving With A Metal Design

Wooden Shelving With A Metal Design

Instead of a plain board as a shelf, you can always buy a natural-toned shelf with accent metal design brackets. There's still simplicity to this laundry room shelf but with an added nifty design.

Since these shelves come with thick metal brackets, they can easily hold 30 pounds. These shelves can be bought separately or as a duo.

These shelves vary in length making them great for all different sized laundry rooms. Small shelves start at approximately 15 inches long and large shelves can go up to 31.5 inches long.

Unique Triangle Wood Floating Shelf

Unique Triangle Wood Floating Shelf

This hanging scale design is extremely unique to find in homes. They are great for making a laundry room stand out compared to the rest.

The dark wood shelving looks wonderful with a white or neutral painted wall background. The rope element gives your shelf a nautical twist.

For these wooden shelves, you'll need to mount the wooden shelf into the wall to prevent the shelf from swinging like a pendulum! You'll need at least 17 inches of height above the shelf, so make sure your ceilings are high in your laundry room.

Bright-Colored Wood Backing And Shelving

Bright Colored Wood Backing And Shelving

Wooden shelves for a laundry room don't have to be neutral painted or natural-toned. Find yourself a bright-colored wood shelf to pump color into your space.

Some of the colors you can choose from are turquoise, red, yellow, and other bright and rich tones. Make a high-impact statement with bright painted shelving and a zebra or leopard print towel.

The weathered plank gives this shelving a well-worn look alongside the distressed metal towel hanger. Painting techniques used on these shelves are called scoring and rub through.

Faux Wood And Piping Design Floating Shelf

Faux Wood And Piping Design Floating Shelf

Faux wood and piping designed shelves are terrific pieces to add to an industrial-themed home. The industrial piping design helps hold larger items like towels and blankets.

This is another shelf that you'll have to be wary of where you place it because the height can go up to 34.5 inches! If you own a stackable washer and dryer, you'll most likely need to mount this shelf beside it.

The etagere wall-mounted shelves make your wood and steel shelves look like they are floating. There is a little over 17 inches of space on each shelf to place taller items.

Wood And Metal Floating Shelf With Hooks

Wood And Metal Floating Shelf With Hooks

This wood and metal floating shelf provide movement within an area and with open sections allows your room to look more open. The hooks just below the shelves have a rounded ball to help keep towels and clothes from falling off.

This floating shelf with hooks is made of MDF. Farmhouse designers love these types of wooden shelves for laundry rooms.

They come with brown shelves with a black metal design or white shelves with a gold metal design. Measure twice before adding items to the second shelf because it is only 11 inches in height.

Mahogany Wood Shelving And Organizer

Mahogany Wood Shelving And Organizer

Find yourself a mahogany laundry room shelf that doubles up as an organizer. These work magically for people who don't have access to a linen pantry and need extra storage space.

Shelving height can be changed to fit your specific items. It's made of 100 percent real wood and is exceptionally sturdy.

One word of advice, when installing this shelving organizer, it is best to mount it with multiple people as this unit weighs up to 68 pounds! These shelves make another great option for people with large families.

Three-Piece Slanted Wood Shelving And Towel Bar

Three Piece Slanted Wood Shelving And Towel Bar

This short three-tiered shelf design is unique because the shelves can be laid out vertically or on a diagonal axis. They are wonderful space-saving shelf options for someone with slanted ceilings in their laundry room.

You can find these shelves in gray, white, dark walnut, and light walnut. The material makeup is made of pine, one of the hardest woods.

With the thicker shelves and matte black metal, this shelf draws in rustic enthusiasts. Go with white painted shelves for a modern chic style.

Two White Painted Shelves With An Edge

Two White Painted Shelves With An Edge

From the side, these shelves have a "U-shaped" design. The one-inch edge on the front prevents your detergents and towels from accidentally slipping off the shelf.

Some paints you can choose from are white, gray, walnut, and dark walnut. Edged shelves can be sold separately or in pairs, but often, they come in packages of two.

Wood scoring and rub-through techniques make for a rough rustic finish. These shelves are in good combination with any colored appliances you already own.

Ironing Board Hanger And Wood Shelf

Ironing Board Hanger And Wood Shelf

Sometimes you just want to get everything off the floor in your laundry room and prevent a slip and trip hazard. That's where the ironing board hanger and wood shelf come in.

Instead of letting your ironing board sit on the lint-infested floor, hang it from this awesome wooden and metal-enclosed shelf and hanger.

They are a great way to save space if you own larger items like ironing boards, brooms, and mops, and you'd like them off the floor. The wider hooks make it easier to hang laundry items on.

Buyer's Guide For Wooden Shelves For Laundry Rooms

Before hanging a shelf that will hold heavy items like detergents, you will want to know where the beams are located behind the wall. Make sure to use a beam/stud finder before undertaking this project.

If you put screws in the drywall where there isn't a beam as soon as you place a heavy item on it your shelf could fall right out of the wall. Another option is using drywall anchors.

It's important to know how much your shelf's weight capacity is before adding laundry items. Some wooden shelves can hold 15 pounds, like the three-tier shiny metal and wood shelf. Others can hold 160 pounds, like the heavy-duty shelf.

You can buy one long and wide shelf and install it just above your side-by-side front-loading washer and dryer. Then you can use it as both a folding table and a shelf.

A long shelf with ends that touch both sides of a wall will bring your laundry room and shelving in agreement. The key is to have a longer or bigger laundry room for this facade to work.


Wood is part of the rustic farmhouse décor style. With added paint and shiny metals, you can certainly turn a rustic farmhouse style into a modern contemporary style.

We hope this article finds you well before your laundry decorating occurs. But if it doesn't, you've acquired 15 useful ideas for wooden shelves for a laundry room you can use in your design style today.

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