11 Handy But Stylish Ways To Fill Your Room’s Empty Corner

No matter how awkwardly shaped it is, there are many creative ways to fill an empty corner in your room!

And we're not talking about adding a random ornament just for the sake of filling it: we can help you make the most of your room's layout by finding a solution that's just as practical as it is stylish.

Here are our favorite space-optimizing ideas!

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1. Corner bookcase

  • Filling an empty corner with a bookcase will make your room feel cozy and homely while allowing you to have your all-time favorite titles always at hand;
  • Corner bookcases are also available in different shapes and sizes. From the narrowest designs that rely on more layers to larger bookcases with wider shelves, you're guaranteed to find the right one for your room's layout.

2. Reading nook with a chaise lounge

  • Maybe you already have a bookcase but are still left with an annoying empty corner? Then complementing it with a comfy chaise lounge will result in an adorable reading nook;
  • This solution works particularly well in empty corners that are right next to a bright window or a tall lamp.
Glam Living Room Design

3. Small corner computer desk

If you've always wanted to have your own desk but your narrow bedroom has stopped you, we have great news:

  • A small corner computer desk can turn a tiny nook into a wide desktop without compromising on space (magical, we know!);
  • Once you're done using it and push the chair back underneath it, you'll be left with plenty of room, so you don't have to worry about that area looking cramped;
  • Small corner computer desks are available in a variety of shapes and designs (ideal to match both the style and layout of your room) and with plenty, a couple or no drawers at all to meet your storage needs.
Modern Office Design

4. Papasan chair

Why not turn that empty area into your personal relax corner?

  • Papasan chairs take comfort to the next level: soft but supportive, they're ideal to recharge your batteries while watching TV, listening to music, or reading a book;
  • They're also timeless and iconic pieces of furniture that, being a bit more unusual, can showcase your quirky personality and attention to detail.
Modern Living Room Design

5. Corner TV stand

  • By making the most of the wall's corner to create a wider surface area, these stands allow you to watch TV in your room no matter how small that corner is;
  • You can opt for a more minimalist design that's just for your TV or a model with a few shelves and drawers to gain some more storage space.
TV Stand for TV

6. Corner bar

  • A corner bar is an exciting solution for your living or dining room, especially if you often have guests round!
  • It can mean different things, from a small cabinet with a few spirits to a full-on bar area with lots of shelves. Depending on whether or not you have access to running water, you can either have a wet or dry bar.
Bar with Wine Storage

7. Capsule wardrobe

Jealous of those Pinterest-worthy bedrooms that you see on Instagram? This is your chance to create one!

  • Adding a clothes rail is a fantastic way to fill an empty corner in your room while also speeding up your morning routine;
  • Just select the garments that best represent your unique style and that can work in different combinations to create lots of outfits.
Steel Garment Rack

8. Wall shelves

  • Depending on the layout of your room, you can opt for a wall-to-wall design in a small nook or for actual corner shelves that follow your wall's shape;
  • As for how to fill them, that's your chance to get creative. Plants? Pictures? Books? A selection of your most meaningful ornaments? Surprise us!
3 Piece Wall Shelf

9. Nursery area

Is there a baby on its way? Then keep them close to you by adding a nursery area to your room.

You can look for a crib or a cot that fits that empty corner, but why not turn it into a special area by adding cute decorations and decals, too?

French Country Nursery Design

10. Full-length mirror

  • If you are used to standing on your tiptoes to check your outfits in a smaller mirror, adding a full-length model can help you fill that empty corner and upgrade your morning routine at the same time;
  • Full-length mirrors are also elegant, eye-catching decorative pieces that can tie the style of your room together.
Bohemian Bedroom Design

11. Shoe cabinet

It happens to everyone: we promise ourselves that we'll keep our shoes tidy… and then they somehow end up scattered all over the house.

  • A shoe cabinet will turn that empty corner into a life-changing storage space while looking just like other pieces of furniture;
  • We recommend choosing a shoe cabinet with louvered doors to ensure ventilation while protecting your shoes from direct sunlight.

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